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O Anavar (Anavar Oil) is injection oxandrolone, unique, at least for the domestic market product Spectrum-Pharma. Steroid produced oil-based (the use of means to perform intramuscular injections). As far as we know, he is not yet represented in the USA counterparts, but in the future they certainly will, as happened with oil solutions of dianabol and stanazolol.

anavar On properties and effects

the Steroid oxandrolone was originally intended exclusively for medical purposes and released only in pill form. It was first synthesized in Searle Laboratories (now Pfizer Inc). On sale in 1964, under the trademark Anavar, which later became a household name. Today under this name, their products are produced by many official and underground producers.

Structurally, Anavar is O (solution oxandrolone) is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Differs from it in two modifications in the molecular formula: the first carbon atom in the second position replaced by an oxygen atom, the second in seventeen-alpha position is made methylation. The structure closest to the steroid stanazolol, although in General much different.

the Effect of anavar is About:

● Qualitative muscle growth;
● Enhance power performance.
● Increased efficiency.
● loss of body fat.
● Improvement of the prominence of the muscles;
● Improvement of the stiffness of the muscles.

when recorded increase in growth hormone levels. Fat burning effect of the drug due both to its direct action and indirect (growth hormone).

anavar oil has virtually identical preformed analogs of properties because it changed only the form of the steroid (a solution instead of tablets or capsules), and the active substance (oxandrolone) remained unchanged. A steroid profile of the drug: ≈ 400% of the anabolic activity of testosterone, ≈ 25% of the androgenic activity of testosterone, period of validity – not more than a day (8-12 hours to half life).

Important! oxandrolone (in any form) is one of the most safe for human steroid hormones. He absolutely unusual aromatization (estrogen side effects, like water retention and gynecomastia are excluded), prolactinoma activity is also absent, and androgen is considered to be minimal.

In General, side effects from anavar are not logged On or mild. But his uncontrolled introduction in any case is not recommended, as even relatively harmless anabolic steroids can lead to complications when overused (and predisposition). A vivid example – women and virilization.

Anavar O: a course of injections

As already mentioned, the main difference Anavar O is a release form, so its use in sports purposes identical preformed drugs. We can say that the injectable oxandrolone is designed for those Amateur and professional sports who can not tolerate oral intake. One of the advantages of the solution – the ability to do batches in a single injection in the combination of the course, for example, nandrolone phenylpropionate, trenbolone Acetate, or drostanolone propionate.

the Dosage of anavar On individually. The average recommended is 50 mg (1 ml) a day. But since steroid is relatively harmless, it can be increased up to 75 mg (1.5 ml) or 100 mg (2 ml) per day. This dosing range for athletes.

injection oxandrolone athletes, on the other hand, is still poorly explored. We can only assume that they are also safe for women's health, as tablets or capsules, which recommend doses up to 25 mg (0.5 ml) per day.

To get individual consultations on preparation of the course please refer to our Forum. Consultants AthleticPharma.com will tell you how best to proceed in your specific situation.

Examples of combined courses Anavar Oil:

With boldenone Undecylenate and methenolone enanthate – beginners for quality muscle growth without water retention and fat. Dosage boldenone Undecylenate – 400 mg / week, methenolone enanthate 300 mg per week. For post-cycle therapy – Tamoxifen 20 mg per day.
testosterone propionate and drostanolone dipropionate – drying at a medium level of experience. Dosage testosterone propionate and drostanolone dipropionate 100 mg a day. For post-cycle therapy – Tamoxifen 20-30 mg daily.

the duration of the course Of anavar is about 6-8 weeks. The aim of the course is usually drying or qualitative muscle growth without water retention and accumulation of fat.


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