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ANDROLIC 100tab/50mg

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ANDROLIC (Androlic) is oral anabolic steroid, one of the good substances in the steroid active substance - oxymetholone. Taking Oxymetholone, you two weeks to get set in the ground in 5-7 kg, it has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. The steroid makes a great water retention, not suitable for the reception before the competition. But many bodybuilders still take it even before the competition.

Taking Oxymetholone in combination with diuretics and anti-estrogens to excrete excess water from the body, and a week before the competition no longer taking it. What to dosage, the manufacturer says in the instructions that you need to take 1-5mg of the drug per 1 kg of body weight, actually it dose a great if you accept that there is a lot of side effects.

For beginners, the normal dose is 50 mg per day (maximum), the dosage should be increased gradually. The maximum drug Androlic should not exceed 8 weeks, then you need to take a break. A good combination of admission sustanon, Parabolin and Oxymetholone, in this combination the athlete gets very good results. For beginners Oxymetholone is not recommended to use because this drug is very powerful, it is better to begin with light steroid drugs, to reach a certain level and then go on strong steroids.

women are not recommended to take this steroid (Oxymetholone) due to its high androgenic actions, but many women do not pay attention to it and accept it, then it is better to reduce the dose of steroid.

one of the advantages it has high androgenic activity, when combined with other drugs gives very good results.

cons makes Oxymetholone water retention and it is not used before a competition, because athletes don't need a large amount of water in the body, on the contrary, they get rid of her. Should stop taking this steroid and you get a big loss in weight up to 5 kg, and also the fall force of about 10 kg.

To the losses were minimal athletes combine this steroid with other similar steroids, or after the course go to the injectable testosterone. Not recommended for older athletes, because the risk of side effects on the liver and prostate increase. A decrease in hemoglobin levels in the body, you need to follow to get tested and take drugs increase hemoglobin.

the Side effects of this drug : the drug Androlic is toxic to the liver if it's very long take, it begins to disrupt its function, some doctors believe that this drug can cause liver cancer. Due to excess water in the body may increase blood pressure.

headaches, nauseam, vomiting, sleep disturbance, aggression, diarrhea (in the Oxymetholone drug contains lactose), acne, and premature baldness. First, there is a strong sexual arousal, and at the end of the course all interest is lost, the decline in hemoglobin level may increase the sugar in the body.


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