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Ansomone is a patented name of the drug, made in China AnkeBio company. Ansomone is an exact copy of the human growth hormone or somatotropin. The drug was created in the laboratory by chemical treatment and reconstruction of coliform bacteria. The structure of the drug is completely similar to the structure of HGH is composed of 191 amino acids and three-dimensional structure of the molecule.

the Action of growth hormone Ansomone

the Drug is injected under the skin in the folds of fat on my stomach. After getting into the body causes the production of somatotropin in the liver of IGF-1 insulin growth factor. After the accession to the interaction with tissues, Ansomone causes the following changes:

Increases the synthesis of protein structures throughout the body, promotes healing of injuries, wounds and consequences of surgical intervention. Increases differentiation and proliferation of chondrocytes of epiphysis, accelerates the growth of cartilage cells. Has the ability to eliminate the effects of liver cirrhosis or severe infectious diseases. Stabilize and makes a more efficient oxygen consumption by the heart and quality of heart rate. Lowers bad cholesterol, regulates fat metabolism and synthesis of energy from fat reserves. Improves the absorption of minerals. Improves kidney and heart. Induces hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle tissue. Reduces catabolism of protein structures. Accelerates fat burning. Improves the condition of hair and nails, smoothes fine age wrinkles. The damaged organs recover better. Causes a small bone growth. Helps to increase immunity. Improves eye health and vision. Improves overall health, memory and brain function.

all of the above should be added the almost complete absence of side effects from the use of Ansomone and the fact that it does not reveal the doping control.

the Course Ansomone

the Package of the drug contains, in addition to the HGH special liquid for dilution of the powder. Diamond cutter, which must also be in the product package, open the label the vial with the bactericidal liquid. insulin syringe 2 ml is typed in antibacterial water. Then on the wall of the ampoule water is introduced into the vial Ansomone.

Treatment somatotropin.

In medicine, the drug is used during cardiac growth in children. The course of medication given to your doctor.

In bodybuilding to gain muscle mass.

In order to hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle fibers are used the highest dose relative to other applications. In professional sports dosage can reach up to 25-30 units per day. Athletes lovers recommend 10-15 units per day. With age, the body's sensitivity to somatotropin increases and, therefore, over the years requires smaller dosage to achieve the desired results. Course Ansomone lasts 2-3 months with a break of 3-4 weeks. Women need higher dosages of the drug than men.

Dosage with the inclusion of the drug in the course of the drying.

With dosages of 5 to 10 IU per day achieved fat burning effects. Increase dosage at the rate Ansomone leads to strengthening of effect of weight loss, the more the better. The best results are achieved when combining the drug with exercise and a healthy diet.

Prevention and treatment of injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints.

growth Hormone Ansomone is widely used in outdoor sports where frequent sprains and other injuries. Growth hormone strengthens and repairs damaged joints in the power sports where they are exposed to enormous loads. Also factor in the risk of injuries in endurance sports is that the joints and ligaments do not have time to increase along with muscles. To avoid injury on the basis of congestion somatotropin is an indispensable tool.

Fight age-related changes.

Emerging with the years wrinkles, the weakening of bone, ligaments, loss of skin elasticity, fragility of hair and nails treated Ansomone at a dose of 5 units per day.

Side effects

growth Hormone Ansomone – a drug that has virtually no side effects. From occurring include:

Short-term hyperglycemia. Minor aches and pains. Tingling in the body. Swelling place the shot. Pain in the joints. Possible formation of antibodies to the drug in the number of minor to neutralize.

In most cases, side effects from Ansomone stop a few days after beginning use of the drug.


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