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BD Stanabol 100 tab/10 mg

Base price $9.23
Description Brief description of the drug:

PT Sans Narrow", sans-serif; font-size: 18px;"> Form of release: Tablets.

Concentration of active ingredient: 10 mg of

Active substance: Stanozolol

the Principle of operation: weight loss.

the Principle of action: Increase strength

the Principle of operation:Drying

Brand:British Dispensary

product Description

Stanazolol – one of the best AAS for carrying out drying cycles. Learn about the use of the drug in bodybuilding.

Stanazolol is one of the oldest steroids were created in the last century, and more precisely in the sixties. Quickly enough he found a use in the sport. Although the drug and is an antagonist of progesterone, but progestogenic activity nandrolone block.

Like most tablets of anabolic steroids, Stanazolol during production is alkylation, and in high doses are capable to be a burden on the liver. Perhaps this is the only side effect Stanazolol, as his negative qualities are extremely rare. Also note that the reality is actively used by girls.


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