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Black Spider ECA 25 - 100 caps

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fat Burner "Black Spider" (Black widow) Ephedra extract is on a par with other powerful drugs fat burning. "Black Widow" power stands next to the original ECA stack, which contains a strong formula of Ephedra, caffeine and aspirin. It promotes optimal weight loss and sustained energy levels.

- increased energy.
- impressive fat-burning.
is a great stimulant before a workout.
- uplifting.
- rapid weight loss.

ECA (extract of ephedra/caffeine/aspirin).

the Principle of operation of the mixture

The main Sami potent of all the ingredients of the mixture extract of Ephedra. He spent a long time in itself was considered a very strong thermogenic drug, but later discovered that if you mix with caffeine and aspirin, it turns out a fantastic result. Though caffeine is also a pretty strong thermogenic, but in comparison with the extract of Ephedra it is much weaker than him. Studies have shown that if the two components be mixed in an arbitrary ratio, their thermogenic properties are added(1+1=2). But if they are combined in strict proportions, the results obtained synergistic, i.e., their thermogenic power multiplied by(1+1=6). But if this composition add more aspirin – incredible results.

ephedra Plant
More than 5 thousand. years ago people used this plant for medicinal purposes. Treated them cough, fever, poor circulation, and even fatigue. Time passed and they began to use it in India and Spain. In those days Ephedra called all plants containing extract. In fact, Ephedra is a shrub 30-50 cm in height, looks similar to horsetail. The plant is not green leaves, but its flowers are inconspicuous. In whorls located rod jointed branches.
For best results:

• divide the meal into 5-6 receptions in day.
• upotrebite drink plenty of liquids.
• limit your use kodeinsoderjaschie products.
• reduce dietary intake of quick carbohydrates, for example sugary fizzy beverages, flour, sugar.
• eliminate "fast food" fast food and soda from your diet.

Precursor of aspirin (an extract from white willow bark)
White willow or as it is called "weeping willow", this tree likes moist places. More than 1000 years ago, Chinese healers removed pain using white willow bark.
the Harvesting of willow occurs during the period of SAP flow at this time, it is easily separated. The bark is removed from young 2-3 year old, after it is dried in rooms with good ventilation.
the Main trace elements that are contained in white willow bark is a glycoside called salicin. As soon as the glycoside salicin is ingested by a person (in the form of decoction, infusion or extract) from this it stands the salicylic acid that acts like aspirin. Due to this, extracts from white willow bark are the most real and the most pure natural aspirin. From extracts of the willow bark is much less side effects than conventional aspirin. It is proved that aspirin in high doses is highly traumatic for the digestive system.

Usually drink no more than 3 capsules a day, 2 in the morning before meal and 1 after lunch before meals or exercise. Start with 1 capsule per day, and further on the rise, this may suffice.


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