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BP HALOTEST 10tab/10mg

Base price $24.89
Description Brief description of the drug:

overview :
Activity : 6-8 hours
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (oral)
Dosage : Men 20-40 mg/day.
Acne : Yes
water retention : No
High blood pressure : Rarely
Hepatotoxicity : Yes, very high
Aromatization : No data
DHT conversion : No
Suppression of HPTA function : Yes, moderate

brief instructions Halotest: description and application of

Halotest, whose description can be found on our forum increases qualitative, not quantitative characteristics of the muscles. Therefore, it is ideal for those athletes who want to achieve better results without going to a higher weight category. While taking the drug muscle strength increases markedly. This enables the athletes to achieve such results that seemed unattainable. And all this for the minimum amount of time.

because of their ability along with increased strength to increase aggression while taking the drug, it enjoys great popularity among citizens of different martial arts. The properties of these tablets as soon as possible to increase the strength and improve the quality of muscles that make this drug one of the most popular in the period of preparation for competitions. However, strength and aggression help to win and in many contact sports, e.g. Rugby and hockey.

bodybuilding Halotest is used mainly before a competition. Along with increased power performance, it helps you to quickly create beautiful relief, increase muscle density, effectively "dried up".

Put on the course, Halotest, like counterparts (Halotestin and drugs etc.), by itself does not promote muscle growth. It reveals the reserves of the health of the muscles. Raises the quality characteristics of the muscles – strength, stamina and beauty, which is especially valuable on the eve of the competition. But if You want to make a purchase for frequent use, this idea must be abandoned.

Halotest: contraindications and side effects of

Halotest pills can have side effects, which is mainly due to its high androgenic activity. The main external effects is acne and increased body hair. The course may increase libido, more frequent erections. Much more dangerous is the possible inhibition of production of its own testosterone, suppression of spermatogenesis, the development of abnormalities of the prostate.

women may appearance of vaginal bleeding, increased libido. Drug abuse threatens significant manifestations of virilization.

Also when receiving the drug in excessive doses are not rare gynecomastia, puffiness caused by water retention, hair loss. As well as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, increase in aggression, anxiety, and other negative manifestations.

For athletes of both sexes of any age one of the main dangers when taking Halotest – increased toxicity of the drug to the liver. Therefore, when liver failure and other chronic diseases the drug is contraindicated.


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