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BP Provimed 20 tab/50mg

Base price $13.93
Description Brief description of the drug: Activity : 8-12 hours (residual effect up to 24 hours)
Classification : Androgenic Steroid/Anti-Aromatase (oral)
Dosage : Men 25-100 mg/day.....Women 25-50 mg/day
Acne: Rarely
water retention : No

High blood pressure : Rarely
Hepatotoxicity : Low
No DHT Conversion : No, is a derivative of DHT.
Suppression of HPTA function : No

Description of drug

proviron (the active ingredient mesterolone) is a hormonal drug, with weak androgenic activity[1]. proviron is used in bodybuilding during the course of anabolic steroids a variety of tasks.

Among the well-known manufacturers of proviron - the various departments of the company Schering (tablets of 25 mg), the Moldovan firm Balkan Pharmaceuticals (tablets 50 mg) and some others.

Available in pill form, mainly via the 25 mg. Is an aromatase inhibitor, i.e. it prevents the conversion of steroids into estrogen in the body.[2][3][4] proviron prevents gynecomastia, water retention, fat deposition on the female type and other estrogen side effects.

does Not affect the body's production of its own testosterone (in high doses can suppress), but increases the concentrations of free testosterone in the blood, due to the fact that blocks the activity of sex hormone binding globulin. These properties make attractive proviron during the course.

Often used in composition in the post-cycle therapy, although the feasibility is questionable, as the ability to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone it is missing.

How to take proviron during the course.

the Usual daily dosage for men is 50 mg per day, divided into two equal divided doses, preferably after meals. Is considered a reasonable dosage of up to 100 mg of proviron per day. Higher doses of proviron can cause effects opposite to the expected. Prolonged erections, which often is quite painful and uncomfortable, the dosage should be reduced or cancel the admission at all.

Given that the drug increases libido and improves male potency, its use is justified on a course of medication which reduce libido (for example, deca-dick when using nandrolone or TREN-dick from the trenbolone).

in addition, proviron in bodybuilding is often used in precontest preparation to increase the hardness of muscles and give her relief. Is a favorite drug of Western movie stars to give the external appearance of muscularity, afraid to use heavier steroid "artillery". Is also used women bodibilderami to give the muscle density, but their dosage should not exceed 25 mg a day not more than four weeks to avoid virilization. Although professional bodybuilders do not adhere to these rules.


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