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China White ECA 25 - 100 caps

Base price $40.54

fat Burner China White 25 Ephedra is an effective drug from an American manufacturer Cloma Pharma. One dosage includes 15 milligrams of ephedra extract, caffeine and aspirin. The drug managed to establish itself among athletes who wish to decrease the amount of adipose tissue. He also has a stimulating the nervous system properties. Capsules a positive effect on metabolic processes, lipolysis and also reduce appetite.

In the capsules leads ephedrine in an amount of 25 milligrams and 250 milligrams of caffeine. This combination enables us to provide China White 25 pronounced stimulating effect. During the course reduces the feeling of fatigue food restrictions are transferred much easier, allowing you to focus on training.

the Effect of fat burner is provided with the supplied guarana extract, raspberry ketones, methylsynephrineом and green coffee. To avoid overloading the body during training, in the capsules included the extract radiograms pink.

Effects from taking - reduction of adipose tissue; - loss of appetite; - increase endurance; - the elimination of fatigue.

Before you buy China White 25 Ephedra, it is recommended to exclude contraindications. These include disruption to the nervous system, insomnia, aggression, violation of the kidney, liver and heart. If you exceed the dosage probably overexcitement of the nervous system. Especially often this side effect occurs when excessive training. Capsules are ideal for bodybuilders and during fitness activities. It is not recommended to use a fat burner during a martial arts and weightlifting.


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