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HUMULIN REGULAR 10 ml- 100U / 1ml

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Method of application and dose of P/K in the shoulder area, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Maybe the/m and/in the introduction. The dose of Humulin® Regular is determined by the doctor individually, depending on the concentration of glucose in the blood. The temperature of the injected preparation should correspond to the room. Injection sites should be rotated so that the same location was not used more than approximately once a month. When s/to the introduction of insulin must be careful not to fall into a blood vessel. After the injection you should not massage the injection site. Patients should be trained in the proper use of the device for insulin. Mode of insulin individual.

the Drug HUMULIN® Regular can be administered in combination with HUMULIN® NPH (see the instructions for mixing of insulins). Preparing for the introduction of the drug HUMULIN® Regular vials. The bottles with the drug HUMULIN® Regular do not require resuspension and may be used only in the case if their content is a clear, colourless solution without visible particles. You should always use an insulin syringe that matches the concentration of insulin. For the drug HUMULIN® Regular cartridge. Cartridges with the drug HUMULIN®Regular do not require resuspension and may be used only in the case if their content is a clear, colourless solution without visible particles. Device cartridges not allow their contents to mix with other insulin in the cartridge. Cartridges are not designed for refill.

Before injection, you should read the manufacturer's instructions on use of the pen for insulin. For the drug HUMULIN® Regular in a syringe handle Kwikpen™. Before injection, you should read the Guide to using the pen Kwikpen™. Guide to using pen Kwikpen™ Syringe pen Kwikpen™ is easy to use. It is a device for insulin ("insulin pen") containing 3 ml (300 UNITS) of insulin drug with activity of 100 IU/ml. you Can enter from 1 to 60 UNITS of insulin in one injection. You can set the dose with a precision of one unit.

If you have installed too many units, you can correct the dose without loss of insulin. The pen Kwikpen™recommended for use with needles of production Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) for injection pens. Before using the pen you must make sure that the needle is completely attached to the syringe handle.

In the future we should adhere to the following rules.

1. To observe the rules of aseptic and antiseptic recommended by your doctor. 2. To wash my hands. 3. Choose an injection site. 4. Wipe the skin at the injection site. 5. Injection sites alternated so that one and the same place to use no more than approximately once a month.

Preparation pen Kwikpen™ introduction

1. Pull the cap of the pen to remove it. Do not rotate the cap. Do not remove the label from the pen. Make sure that the insulin tested for type of insulin; date of expiry; appearance. 2. Take a new needle. To remove a paper sticker from the outer needle cap. Use the alcohol swab to wipe the rubber disk on the end of the cartridge holder. To put the needle in the cap, directly on the axis on the pen. To screw the needle to full accession. 3. Remove the outer needle cap. Don't throw it out. Remove the inner needle cap and throw it out. 4. To test the pen Kwikpen™ to the intake of insulin. Each time you must verify receipt of insulin. Verification of receipt of insulin from the pen should be performed before each injection until a trickle of insulin, to make sure the pen is ready to dose. If you do not perform verification of receipt of insulin until a trickle, you can get too little or too much insulin. 5. To fix the skin, pulling it or by bringing in a big fold. Insert the needle s/C, using the technique of injection recommended by the attending physician. Put your thumb on the button of the dose and firmly push until it stops. For the introduction of the full dose hold dose and slowly count to 5. 6. Remove the needle and gently press the injection site with a cotton swab for a few seconds. Do not RUB the injection site. If insulin drips from the needle, most likely, the patient did not keep the needle under the skin long enough. The presence of a drop of insulin at the needle tip is normal, it will not affect the dose. 7. Using the protective cap of the needle, Unscrew the needle and dispose of it. Even numbers are printed in the window of the dose indicator in the form of numbers, odd numbers — in the form of straight lines between the even.

If necessary for the introduction of dose exceeds the number of units remaining in the cartridge, you can enter the remaining amount of insulin in the syringe handle, and then use a new pen to complete the introduction of the required dose, or to enter all the necessary dose using a new syringe pen.

do Not attempt to perform the injection of insulin by turning the button dose. The patient does not take insulin, if you rotate the button dose. Please click on the dose along a straight axis in order to obtain the dose of insulin. Do not try to change the dose of insulin in the process of performing the injection. Note. The syringe pen will not allow the patient to set the dose of insulin in excess of the number of units remaining in the syringe handle.

If there is no certainty that you entered the full dose, you must not enter another one. You should read and follow the instructions outlined in the instructions for use of the drug. You need to check the label on the syringe pen before each injection to make sure that the expiry date of the medication has not expired and the patient uses the correct type of insulin; do not remove the label from the pen.

the color of the button dose pen Kwikpen™ matches the color of the stripes on the label of the pen will depend on the type of insulin. In this manual button dose in gray. Beige body colour pen Kwikpen™ indicates that it is intended for use with drugs line of HUMULIN®.


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