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Jintropin GeneScience Pharmaceuticals

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Description How to take Jintropin

For the introduction of Jintropin in the body, it should be diluted in the ampoule by a special bactericidal water, which must be in the package. insulin syringe is injected the fluid slowly along the wall of the ampoule. Then, without shaking, to mix the drug and occured injecting subcutaneously into the fat folds on the abdomen, buttocks, arms. Injection sites it is recommended to alternate. If this is not done, the possible imbalance of the body due to too much local fat burning.

How to take the drug depends on the goals:

For athletes professionals

8-12 meals per day. Stimulates muscle growth and fat loss.

For sportsmen lovers

4-8 IU per day. When included in the rate of Jintropin will not only contribute to improvements in body composition, but also treatment of injuries and strengthening joints.

In the elderly for rejuvenation

1-4 meals per day. Children with growth deficiencies are assigned the same dosage.

it is best to divide daily dose into 2 or more portions of approximately 2.5 units per injection.

the Side effects of Jintropin

Production of antibodies. This often happens with medications that have not passed the cleaning proper quality. Therefore, the occurrence of this palocci says the fake Jintropin. The results of studies in the USA, the group of subjects there was not a single side effect.


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