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NORDEX SOMATROPIN 10 ml vial (1ml-10i.u.) (100 I.U.)

Base price $108.00
Description Brief description of the drug: Stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass and protects its destruction; Accelerates fat burning; Improves recovery and strengthens the immune system; Strengthens bone tissue and prevents the risk of injury; Has a rejuvenating effect for the skin and body; LIQUID FORM, DO NOT DILUTE! Quantity: 1 bottle 10 ml (100 IU). Description

Somatropin from the company Nordex is not just a good HGH and truly unique! Now you can forget about the complexities calculate dosing and mixing the powder with the liquid. Nordeks introduced us to the liquid HGH, it is already diluted and READY TO USE. This allows you to use just one syringe for injection, and also to easily and accurately collect the required amount of the drug. Get a lot of positive effects of GR without much difficulty with the application!

Effects of GR for men

Enhanced vitality, and stress resistance, ability to endure heavy loads

the Ability to burn fat even in conditions of muscle mass

an Enhanced, synergistic effect when combined with other hormonal drugs.

Keeps your muscle mass strong immune system and for PCT

Rejuvenate both externally and internally and improves the quality and appearance of skin, hair, the look becomes more fresh and rested.

Strengthens the bones, prevents risk of injury, rebuilding joints

Effects of GR for girls

Enhanced vitality and stress resistance in spite of work, family and children, time for training and at the same time, you always feel good and full of energy

Burns fat without losing muscle mass and reduces the appearance of cellulite

Rejuvenation – improves the quality and appearance of skin, hair, appearance becomes more fresh and rested.

the Maintenance and growth of muscle volume – allows you to save a sexy shape during drying and to gain quality muscle without fat

Strengthens the bones, prevents risk of injury rebuilding joints


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