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Description WHAT IS TriTren

Trenbolone is a powerful modern steroid that can increase almost all the indicators of the athlete. At the moment the manufacturers sportpharma release three esterified product containing Trenbolone and characterized by the term half-life. The company Olimp Lab has launched a mixture of esters of this active component – TRITREN. It enabled to combine in one product the advantages of the short and prolonged AAS.

the Preparation contains 0.1 gram of acetate and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and enanthate has 50 milligrams. Athletes quite often TriTren want to buy, as it can be used for a long period of time to maintain maximum anabolic background and often does not need to set shots. It's possible that some fans of bodybuilding TriTren price may seem somewhat high, but the quality and potency of anabolic completely cover this deficiency.

TriTren to BUY: the EFFECTS of

since the esters contained in the product come into operation gradually, you will be able to quickly feel the effects of trenbolone on the body. Properties TRITREN almost no different from individual drugs, the only exception is the start time and the duration of exposure. We have already noted that the mixture of esters allows you to combine all the advantages of short and prolonged acetate esters.

TriTren designed for extreme set of muscle mass. Under its influence the body begins accelerated production of IGF, which, as you probably know, almost all are associated effects of somatotropin. Besides being able to gain over the course of a large number of muscle mass you will be able to significantly improve body Constitution. This is due to the powerful fat burning properties of the drug.


most Often TriTren the course is held within 60 days. Enter the steroid once a week in the amount of 0.3-0.4 grams. Increase the dosage and prolong the course, we do not recommend, as it will increase the risk of side effects. You have to remember that this is a powerful drug, and even using the aforementioned dose, you will get excellent results. The drug can be combined with other AAS and is used more often testosterone.


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