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Swiss Drostanolone Propionate 100mg/ml

Base price $32.71

Drostanolone propionate (SR) 100mg 10ml

Need high-quality Swiss steroid for drying recruited muscles? Then Drostanolone propionate from Swiss Remedies are exactly what You need. Despite the high price, the drug allows to obtain excellent results in the courses of drying.

Many athletes in the courses of drying often prefer this drug. The fact that it is possible to achieve excellent results in the formation of sports, inflated terrain mass, the content of fat and fluid in the body will be minimized.

Also, the active ingredients of the steroid allow athletes to endurance, which is a must if you want to stick to a strict diet with low carbohydrate. According to numerous reviews of athletes during the course, indeed the increase of endurance that is so necessary in preparation for competitions. Moreover, the agent is a short term elimination from the body, making it receiving almost imperceptible to the doping control.

the Effectiveness of

despite the fact that Drostanolone propionate appeared relatively recently, more and more bodybuilders decide to buy the drug because of its high efficiency. Now, in strict compliance with all prescriptions of the drug allows to achieve the following effects:

• Giving the athlete's muscles hardness and sport relief.
• Increased appetite;
• Accelerating the burning of fat cells.
• Increased power performance;
• Increase your stamina.

Recommendations for use:

This steroid, similar to other propionateм has a relatively small half-life equal to two-three days. In this regard, experts prescribe taking it a day at a dosage equal to 100 ml.
the Course is aimed at drying basically consists of a combination of Drostanolone propionate from Swiss Remedies with winstrol or stanazolol. If the goal of the bodybuilder – a set of quality muscles, it is best to use a combination of this steroid with testosterone enanthate or sustanon, with weekly dosage may be up to 750 mg.

Adverse reactions

today, according to numerous studies, the drug does not affect the prostate. Moreover, in rare cases, the drug can cause symptoms of acne and hair loss.
Buy genuine Drostanolone propionate from Swiss Remedies in our online store, which is also, in addition to low prices, enjoy favorable terms of delivery.


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