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Testosterone Propionate 1amp 50mg/ml

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Description Brief description of the drug: Activity : 1-2 days
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injection)
Dosage : Men 50-200 mg/day.
Acne : Yes
water retention : High
High blood pressure : Yes
Hepatotoxicity : Low, except for is mega - Aromatization : High DHT conversion : Yes, high
Suppression of HPTA function : Severe testosterone propionate

testosterone propionate is one of the most popular bodybuilding steroids. testosterone propionate is designed for the development of muscle mass and strength, but because of the nature of the action, often used in the drying period. Is one of the testosterone esters. Among the major producers of modern propionate can be called Indian Testopin from BM Pharmaceuticals, from the Ukrainian testosterone propionate Farmak (slang name for the drug among athletes - "dill," but it has one significant drawback low concentration of the active substance in solution) , English Verormone from Nordic and some other.

testosterone is the hormone which serves as the basic unit for most hormonal (androgenic) drugs. By changing the testosterone molecule (adding or removing atoms) synthesized a particular drug. So, for example testosterone propionate is a testosterone molecule that is attached to the ester of propionic acid, it determines the pharmacological properties and peculiarities of action of this substance.
the Action of testosterone propionateправить

The rate of excretion after injection of 50 mg Fluctuations in the concentration when administered 2 times a week

Specifically initiates transcription of genes, by means of which alters the nitrogen balance in a positive way.
Increase the level of insulin growth factor in the muscles and liver
Causes cell proliferation of satellites in muscular tissue tissues, which occurs at the expense hyperplasia and muscle recovery

it Should be noted that all esters have the same mechanisms of action, the difference is activity and the primary focus of the action.

Effectivelytailored muscle mass
fat Burning
Increase bump
Increase strength
Increased libido
reducing the risk of cardiac ischemia and coronary disease

is characterized by short action time. Injections are usually carried out through the day. This is one of the main drawbacks of the application of propionate, compared with its more long-lived analogs, such as enanthate. The second main disadvantage is higher cost compared with the same enanthate. Can be used both on ground and in the drying period.

Another feature of the drug is that when properly selected dosages, most athletes do not retains water in the body or these symptoms are minimal. Therefore, testosterone propionate does not cause a sharp increase in body weight by 5-6 kg in a couple of weeks, when using the same enanthate, but typed with the use of propionate muscle mass will be more dry and better. Once ingested, is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, so the work can feel propionate after the first injection. And just as quickly withdrawn. For the above reasons, when working on a lot of athletes prefer enanthate, and propionate is often used during drying. Suitable athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

Compiling coresprite

Can be the only steroid on the "course", but the best effect is achieved when combined with other drugs. Beginners to use anabolic agents athletes can be recommended dosage of 50 mg propionate every other day. Usual dose of more experienced athletes from 100 mg propionate daily and above.

prolonged course and high doses require PCT. Be sure to take anti-estrogen drugs such as Tamoxifen or proviron (10 mg per day) to avoid the development of gynecomastia, water retention and other estrogen effects. At the output the desired reception blocker of cortisol, to keep up weight. Be sure to follow a diet to put on weight and take sports nutrition.

Combined cordiality

On the drying is well combined with stanazolol, trenbolone acetate, masteron, primobolan and some other drugs. propionate is included in the composition of mixtures of esters testosterone is a type of sustanon or Omnadren as a mandatory component that allows you to immediately feel the work of steroid.

Example cycle for beginners "chemists" for drying based on propionate:

propionate 50 mg a day
winstrol 30 mg a day, starting with 10 mg dose and bringing up to the optimum within 1 week.
6 weeks should be abolished anabolic agents and in 3-4 days to start PCT.

this course synergetic action of the drugs, meaning that the total effect of their simultaneous use of more than the simple sum of the effects if they were used individually, at the same time decreases the risk of side effects. Some experienced athletes do local injection propionate in a target muscle, e.g., biceps, deltoids, tibia when working on mass however, the effectiveness of this approach has not been proven.

Any form of steroid has only resorptive effect, while the local effect on the muscle is missing. If the drugs when administered intramuscularly stimulated local hypertrophy of the muscle cells, it was possible to observe the growth of asymmetric, similar in appearance to the results obtained from the use of synthol.


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