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TURINAGEN 100tab/10mg

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Turinagen refers to the category of a synthetic steroid with a high anabolic activity (180% "test") and moderate androgenic effects (50% from the male hormone). Also has the properties of long-lived fat-soluble anabolicos. It can be considered a substitute danabol, with the only difference from the prototype is that it does not have the effect of detaining water in the body. Not subject to aromatization process.

Initially, the analogue of anabolic was designed in the early 60 - ies of the 20th century, the German pharmaceutical manufacturer Jenapharm and almost immediately began to be actively used among athletes. Today the medication included in the list of potent pharmacological products and buy it is possible only on doctor's orders.

the Production of steroid doing a lot of production. One of them is a domestic pharmaceutical company Genetic Lab. Available in tablet form with 100 tablets of 10 mg Its active substance Chlordehydromethyltestosterone acts.

the PROPERTIES AND EFFECTS Increases stamina and power indicator; Gradual but qualitative muscle mass since sustanon; Do not delay fluid in the tissues; For it is not characteristic of the aromatization process; Contributes to the rapid restoration of the natural "test"; Increases sexual activity (libido). HOW to TAKE

the Drug is used orally. The recommended cycle of use is 6-8 weeks. Was originally installed daily dose 20-40 mg, but many athletes, security forces, increase the dose to 100-150 milligrams, dividing it into three doses a day.
the product is suitable for both beginners and professionals.


depending on the goals of the technique and its results Thuringen used in a combined cycle with testosterone. After a course of therapy is usually conducted with Nolvadex. If the course is less than six weeks with little doses, after a course therapy may not be performed.

With proper use of medication is the occurrence of side effects is minimized. It may be a slight toxic effect on the liver, erectile dysfunction.


Consumers Turinagen from the company Genetic Labs characterize it as a vehicle for slow, at the same time, high-quality muscle gain, not calling mostly negative in its effects.


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