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ZPHC Methandienone 100 tab / 10 mg


Description:ZPHC METHANDIENONE 10mg/100tab(dianabol)

Class: anabolic steroid Dosage form: tablets Duration: about 7 hours The detection time in the body: about 140 days Liver toxicity depends on dosage Effect on acne: Yes Effect on hypertension: there are Fluid retention (hydration): Yes

Zhengzhou dianabol – analog of testosterone with reduced androgenic activity, anabolic steroid type. Used in endurance sports to increase muscle mass. The active ingredient of the drug – dianabol.The most widespread type of steroids among athletes,many professionals trust only ZPHC only quality steroids.

Pharmacological action

the Current component dianabol gets into the cell nucleus, activates the metabolic and energy processes that affect fermentation, accelerates protein synthesis and glycogenolysis (the breakdown of glucose). As a result of these processes in the body faster protein synthesis, which leads to intensive growth of muscle fibers.

Along the way, it increases factors such as stamina, strength, regenerative abilities of organism after intensive exercise. To some extent, methandienone promotes the breakdown of fat cells. methandienone has a positive effect on the process of calcium absorption in the skeletal system and improves nitrogen in the blood.

the Increase in weight in exchange use of dianabol is about 2 kg a week. In order to avoid the "rollback phenomenon" – the lower recruited muscle mass after receiving methandienone experienced bodybuilders are recommended to use in parallel antiestrogen drugs (clomid or Tamoxifen) and drugs that are blockers aromatase.

Side effects and contraindications

ZPHC 20mg 50tab METHANDIENONE(dianabol) is not recommended for use by persons with abnormalities of the liver, cardiac and vascular systems.Side effects occur only if the increase in the optimum dosages.

methandienone is quite a popular drug popular with athletes bodybuilding and powerlifting. The medicine combines safety and efficiency. methandienone is well suited to aspiring athletes.


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