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ZPHC Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml


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Trenbolone Acetate is popular in the sports environment, due to its properties. Trenbolone, a modern tool with powerful anabolic effect. Originally used in veterinary medicine to increase appetite and muscle volume in animals. Then, on the effective action of the drug drew the attention of the athletes, so he was in a sports environment where widespread. TREN is implemented in the ampoule, the body is via injection. The drug is injected into muscle and decomposes gradually. This property allows the active substances for a long time to flow into the blood. The anabolic effect of trenbolone is quite strong, but the drug has many side effects.

Steroid copes with its main task: fast muscle growth and increase strength.

A significant increase in muscle mass. With proper organization of the training process the athlete will be able to increase the weight by 10 lbs in just a couple of months. Increase power performance. Fat burning. Increase libido and decrease after completion of the course of treatment. Reduced cortisol levels. SIDE EFFECTS Increase in blood pressure; Baldness; Acne; Insomnia; The revitalization of the sebaceous glands; Sluggish erection individual response to the drug;


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