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ZPtropin 10 Vial x 12 IU (3.33mg) 191 amino acid seq

Description ZPtropin Zhengzhou 10 UI main properties of growth hormone ZPHC:

Accelerates protein synthesis

fat burning effect

quality mass

the persistently Strengthening of musculoskeletal system

anti-catabolic effect.

Robocast Propenoic any other growth hormone, is best defined by the tests. On our forum in the appropriate section, customers post their performance after the injection of the drug, the figures in the analysis is pretty decent, it demonstrates the high quality of the drug.

Below is the analysis of the growth hormone ZPHC, people put 5 units and after 4 hours were taken as indicators. Weight of athlete 100 kg, the percentage fat proslosti approximately 17-19%


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