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PHARMATROPIN 10 vials x 10 IU Pharmacom Labs

Base price $108.00

Pharmatropin – HGH from the well-known Moldovan company Zadar labs. Today the domestic pharmaceutical market is represented quite a lot of producers of synthetic somatotropin and the Moldovan company their background is not lost. Although this drug can still afford not every athlete, as the price of HGH and cannot be considered low, some fans of bodybuilding have tried this type of sports pharmacology.

Farmatron may be useful only in bodybuilding. The drug accelerates the process of lipolysis, and hypertrophy of the muscular tissues. Moreover, according to the builders, solo course is most effective when solving the first task. If you want to gain weight, it is best to use a combination of somatotropin with anabolic steroids.

Positive qualities and effects Pharmatropin

the Active ingredient of this drug is somatotropin, obtained using recombinant technology. Although growth hormone was first synthesized long enough to be actively used in sport and medicine, it was only in the last couple of decades. This is due to the fact that at the end of the last century was created by recombinant technology for producing synthetic somatotropin to be used today by all manufacturers.

Although Pharmatropin and is artificial, its properties completely identical to the endogenous hormone. It should be recognized that the drug has a wide list of positive properties which help to not only improve athletic performance but also improve health. First of all we are talking about strong anabolic effects on the athlete. At the same time, somatotropin able to effectively block the hormone corticosteroid group.

In the course of the drug experience the following positive effects:

Accelerate the process of utilization of fatty tissues; Activated reactions of hyperplasia of the muscular tissues; Promotes lean muscle mass; Rejuvenates the body; Positive effect on joints and bone tissue.

With age, the body ' s production of growth hormones gradually slows down. The use of synthetic drugs within reasonable limits allows you to slow the aging process. Therefore, growth hormone is often used by stars of show-business.

Methods of ingestion and dosage Pharmatropin

the Recommended daily dosage for enthusiasts of bodybuilding is up to 5 units. Professionals often use daily for 20 or more units somatotropin. After the solo of course you do not need any kind of restorative therapy. The courses last a maximum of six months.

Courses Pharmatropin with other drugs

growth Hormone in professional sports is often used in combination with other drugs. And it's not necessarily steroids. So how about the builders used high-dose somatotropin, there is a need to use Insulinа. It is also possible to combine GR with thyroid hormones, testosterone esters and boldenone.


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