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BD Andropen 275

Base price $17.20
Description Brief description of the drug: Activity period: 16-18 days Class of drug: anabolic / androgenic steroid (injectable) Water retention in the body – no minimum The increase in blood pressure – Yes Hepatotoxicity – no Aromatization Yes The maximum length of treatment is 12 weeks Description

Andropen (Andropen 275) is a medication from the Taiwanese manufacturer British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, has a powerful anabolic effect – 100% and androgenic – 100%. The composition of the hormone includes a mixture of five testosterone esters with different half-life that allows you to feel the drug the next day, fit as a replacement sustanon or Omnadren. The price Andropen above its peers, but you pay for quality. A hormone like any other testosterone, after entering the body actively transformed into dehydrotestosterone and Estradiol, under the influence of aromatization. If you are very expensive hair, dehydrotestosterone can be mitigated by using Finasteride, but it will reduce the effect of the course, because the hormone stimulates an increase in the strength of the athlete.

Positive effects of Andropen

want to buy Andropen appear when you learn that it has all the positive qualities of short and long esters of testosterone:

Increase speed and strength, increases endurance; The growth of muscle mass and burning body fat; The ability to put injection 1 time per week; Smooth the background between injections; The improvement of health, reduced fatigue and faster recovery; Acceleration of anabolic processes and appetite; Blocking cortisol that allows you to use the steroid to build terrain Side effects

Significant gynecomastia, occurs because of high level of Estradiol (female hormone), a method of controlling the use of aromatase inhibitors: anastrozole or Letrozole.

Minor – dehydrotestosterone – oily skin, more frequent hair loss and heavy hair growth on the body.

Acne is the most common cause are the use of dyes in sports nutrition, fast food restaurants, prepared food from stores, or with individual intolerance of the drug.

Dosage and application of Andropen

Often Andropen 275 is used as the reference drug in the rate of AAS, for the first experiment the average dosage 1-1,5 mg per week. Andropen combine with all injectable steroids and steroids tablets. Solo use of the drug is extremely rare or is used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Use Andropen in short courses is not appropriate, the minimum duration Pozdeyeva is 7-8 weeks. Empirically established that the maximum concentration of drug achieved after 3 injections, so the course duration 1-1,5 months is not effective.

when you use steroid for more than 8 weeks, we recommend the additional use of human chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) – this will retain the function of the testicles, and will also promote quick recovery of natural levels of testosterone.


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