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BD Mastabol 100

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Mastabol 100 – based steroid drostanolone has a mild anabolic and high androgenic effects. Most often used in power sports (particularly bodybuilding) to keep up muscle mass, increase the hardness and relief of the muscles. Also often used by athletes interested in increasing physiological parameters without weight gain.

Effects from taking Increase power performance. The enhancement of hardness and relief of the muscles. The burning of body fat (according to the study, the rate of Mastabol 100 can reduce body fat by 5-7%). A mild diuretic effect. The suppression of catabolic processes. How to take Mastabol 100

Course EUсоло Mastabol 100 is relatively rarely used. Average weekly dosage is 400 milligrams. The number of injections – every other day or 3 times a week. As for how to take Mastabol in a combination of courses, most often used combination with winstrol and oxandrolone is the safest AAS. Combined with stanazolol synergistic effect is achieved by reducing the concentration of globulin that binds sex hormones. To gain muscle mass are recommended for circuits with testosterone propionate (although it is necessary to control the level of secretion of own testosterone, and when it falls to carry out the PCT or to use a pharmacology course). With prolonged use it is best to add Gonadotropin.

Side effects Mastabol

Mastabol has a low impact on the liver, is not addictive and has the best androgenic effects. Optimal dosage for men is 300 to 500 ml per week. Women are allowed dosage in the range of 25-30 ml per day. It should not exceed, as significant changes in the level of physiological indicators is not going to happen, but will increase the likelihood of negative effects. Course duration is approximately 6-10 weeks and can sometimes reach 12 weeks. It all depends on the level of training and assigned tasks. A side effect of prescribed doses is very rare.

Due to the low percentage of anabolic index achieved a good fat-burning effect, but increases the likelihood of androgenic adverse reactions. They can manifest as acne, prostatic hypertrophy, increased aggression, baldness, increased hair growth on the body.The drug is not subject to aromatization, therefore, the use of antiestrogens is not necessary. It is used both solo and in combination with other drugs. Very good results in the drying period gives the combination with winstrol, which helps to excrete excess fluid. For muscle gain you can include boldenone. Also goes well with Mastabol primobolan. This helps to achieve better results.


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