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Body Pharm Boldenon 200 mg/ml

Base price $20.19
Description Brief description of the drug: Price for: 1 vial Pack: 10 ml (vial) The concentration of the active substance: 200 mg/ml Active substance: boldenone Undecylenate Manufacturer: BodyPharm Country of origin: Moldova Box/manual: Yes Storage: dry and dark place (t° < 25 to 27°C) Description:

BodyPharm Boldenon is a steroid drug with a high anabolic activity equal to endogenous testosterone and moderate androgenic activity (50% of testosterone), during the course of the increase in muscle mass, increase appetite, physical performance and other improvements. In addition to obvious advantages in a variety of positive effects and anabolic power, this tool also boasts a rather long action (about 15 days after the application), saving the athlete from having frequent injections.

Action and properties BodyPharm Boldenon

• Increases power output of the athlete;

• Provides a qualitative increase of muscle mass;

• Leads to a strong increase of appetite;

• Quickly increases the number of red blood cells in the blood;

• Improves the supply of oxygen to muscles.

Body Pharm boldenone

Described a steroid medication mainly used in sports practice courses that increase muscle mass. In this technique BodyPharm Boldenon 200 is almost never in solo. It is usually combined with other means of AAS, and stanazolol turinabol and dianabol to testosterone esters in order to achieve more significant results.

what were the specific steroids and how to take BodyPharm LTD Boldenon? Possible effective combinations involving this anabolic lot. However, if the primary goal is increased muscle mass, then I can advise to combine his method with the introduction of sustanon. In particular, excellent results can help to achieve the boldenone course from Body Pharm + sustanon, held as follows: sustanon – 500 mg week described the drug – 500-600 mg a week proviron – at the rate of 25 mg per day, Tamoxifen – PCT daily 20 mg morning and 20 mg evening.

If You have the priority is strength gains and getting more quality muscles, in this case the use of BodyPharm Boldenon can be combined with the reception of turinabol and stanazolol. Receive circuit the following describes the drug at 600 mg week (1-8 weeks), turinabol – daily 40 mg (1-5 week course), Stanazolol – daily 40 mg (6 to 8 week). The PCT here need such auxiliary means, such as Tamoxifen and tribulus.

In General, for sports men are generally used dosages of boldenone from Body Pharm in the area of 200-800 mg per full week. Due to the rather long action (about 15 days) put him injection too often, there is no need (usually it is injected twice a week, for example, 300 mg Monday and Friday). Courses with his participation last approximately 6-8 full weeks. Such duration, frequency and volume in most situations is sufficient to achieve meaningful improvements.


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