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BP AQUATEST 100mg/1ml

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from Aquatest Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL is a new product on the market anabolic steroids. The drug is an aqueous Suspension testosterone neeterificirovannah. This means that unlike regular testosterone, Aquatest substance from Balcan Pharma is deprived of essential rest, and begins to act faster. However, injections are painful enough, but the half-life of the substance is very short.

the effect of admission Aquatest The increase in muscle mass. The provision of spermatogenesis. Improvement of phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism. testosterone affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics and sex hormones. Increasing the prominence of the musculature. Improve power performance. Fat-burning ability. Reducing the risk of coronary disease and ischemia of the heart muscle.

the Effects of testosterone suspension are no different from effects of other forms, but still have some of the features. First and foremost, this is the shortest of all the forms testosterone the duration of excretion from the body. The point of maximum anabolic effects Aquatest falls on the day after injection. Most of the action suspension testosterone similar testosterone protional, but he is still more "slow".

How to take Aquatest

Due to the minimum half-life, Aquatest is injected intramuscularly daily. Possible local side effects, so it is recommended that each new shot to enter in the new location. Course Aquatest is not more than 5 weeks with a daily dosage in the range from 20 to 100 milligrams. With more prolonged use to avoid side effects, it is advisable to include in the course Gonadotropin.

How to take Aquatest in combination with other drugs? Most often, the aqueous Suspension testosterone and other anabolic agents, fat-and water basics "reduced" in the same syringe immediately before injection. It is also possible the inclusion of vitamin B12 to reduce the pain of injection. With the same purpose used lidocaine and novocaine. For quick muscle mass Aquatest combined with equipoise and nandrolone.

Side effects

Suspension testosterone drug with a high androgenic activity, and therefore incorrect use or excessive dosage and duration of the course may be accumulation of fluids, acne, gynecomastia. Side effects from Aquatest 50 are eliminated by the intake of antiestrogens from the first day of the course. Post-cycle therapy is required. Aquatest does not noticeably influence on the liver, state changes in liver enzymes is observed at much high dosages.


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