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Deca-Durabolin (Organon) 200mg- 100mg/1ml

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Description Brief description of the drug: Brief characteristics :
Activity : 14-16 days
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injection)
Dosage : Men 300-800 mg/week......Women 50-100 mg/week
Acne : Yes, in higher dosages or individual sensitivity
water retention : High, but lower than that of testosterone
High blood pressure : Depends on the dosage.
Hepatotoxicity : No
Aromatization : Low, converts to inactive testosterone DHT conversion : No, converts to NOR-DHT with low activity
Suppression of HPTA function : Very high Other : High anabolic/moderate androgenic activity Deca-Durabolin from Organon anabolic and androgenic steroid produced by the Dutch pharmaceutical company. Form release deca-durabolin from Organon – injection, packing – 2 ml dosage – 100 mg/mg. the Main active ingredient Nandrolone decanoate. Another name for the steroid – 19-testosterone. The body secretes Nandrolone during heavy and prolonged physical labor. But its concentration is very low (the content of the main metabolite in the urine does not exceed a few nanograms per milliliter). Nandrolone is produced in two forms, defined by the ester (phenylpropionate and decanoate). "deca" appeared on the pharmacological market in the distant 1962, and since then has taken the leading position among AAS. Effects from taking deca-durabolin Pronounced muscle hypertrophy. Solo the program provides up to 8 kg weight gain. Together with minimal recoil phenomenon that makes deca-durabolin from Organon, one of the most used steroids in bodybuilding. Strengthen the ligaments and bones due to the stimulation of collagen synthesis. For medical purposes the drug is used to treat osteoporosis. Increase production of synovial fluid (improvement of joint mobility). Increased immunity. In medicine, Nandrolone is used to fight AIDS. The increase in the number of red blood cells. deca-durabolin helps to improve the oxygen transport to the muscles, which affects the endurance athlete. How to take Deca-Durabolin

Course Deca-Durabolin from Organon (Holland) is one of the longest and reaches 10 weeks. The maximum recommended weekly dosage is 600 milligrams, one injection every 7 days. The course is longer than two months is accompanied by the intake of human chorionic gonadotropin (starting from 4-5 weeks). After receiving steroid, Gonadotropin has been used as a means of PCT. Progesterona activity is eliminated taking bromocriptine (starting from the 2nd week of the course and up to 2-3 weeks for completion) or cabergoline (preferably). clomid is used to restore the normal condition axis the pituitary-hypothalamus-the testicles. Reception winstrol helps to suppress progestinum activity. As the recovery option in the secretion of own testosterone, Gonadotropin can be replaced testosteroneыми boosters. The maximum effect of taking nandrolone is provided by the diet and using quality supplements.

as for how to take Deca-Durabolin on the combined course, the best combination for steroid is testosterone. It compensates for the decreased libido, suppressing the level of endogenous hormone and slow activity "soundboard". Mixed schemes are also effective winstrol, dbol and sustanon.

Side effects

Communication with nandrolone progestinami receptors causes these side effects from Deca-Durabolin from Organon as the suppression of the production of gonadotropins and increased production of prolactin. deca-dick without the use of reducing agents secretions, disappears within months after the discontinuation of the drug. Exceeding the dosages and the duration of the course can cause head and back pain, rhinitis, rash, depression or excessive irritability.


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