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OLYMP Stanazolol 50

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Distinctive features and the main features stanazolol

Stanazolol is a drug which is based on the powerful hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The drug was obtained thanks to two specific changes in the structure of the DHT. The first is the replacement of the 3 – keto group to the group of the pyrazole a – ring. This makes Stanozolol a heterocyclic steroid. The second change is to add a methyl group. This change affects the 17 carbon position of the drug and can be attributed to the steroid to alteromonas category.

Such structural changes significantly reduce the androgenic nature anabolic Stanozolol and increase the activity of the drug. Stanazolol is an anabolic rating of 320 and an androgenic, equal to 20. Unlike other drugs of the same profile, these structural characteristics are fully confirmed in practice.

Positive traits of the steroid is quite varied and it is best to consider each one individually

1.Reduction of the hormone SHBG

Numerous studies have shown that use of Stanozolol is a really help to significantly decrease SHBG levels. This drug can reduce the activity of this hormone by as much as 50 %, so for these purposes Stanazolol one of the most effective drugs. The fact that SHBG is a certain indicator of the level of testosterone in the body and allows you to determine the amount of free testosterone. If the SHBG level decreases, so in the body a large amount of free testosterone. It is important to note that the lower the SHBG level, the more effective will taking anabolic steroids.

2.Protein synthesis in the body

This process significantly stimulates the construction of muscle mass and by taking winstrol amounts of protein in the muscles is maintained.

3.The retention of nitrogen

All the muscle tissue of the person 16% consists of nitrogen and if there is a lack of this substance in the body, much aktiviziruyutsya catabolic processes. The more nitrogen retained in the muscle tissue, the more the processes of catabolism.

4.Increase level produced by the body red blood cells

the red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen through the blood. Stanazolol increases the number of red blood cells that are produced in the body, thereby aktiviziruyutsya oxygen flow and enhanced muscular endurance.

5.The decrease in the level of glucocorticoids

Stanazolol is one of the oldest anabolic drugs that exists today in the consumer market. Its production began in 1950. Initially, the hormone Stanazolol were distributed under the brand name Winstrol. Since then, this drug begins to actively created in various corners of the globe under numerous patented brands, but the most recognizable and common left name Winstrol.

This steroid is favorites of a huge number of athletes and bodybuilders and today are actively used in medical practice. Like most anabolic drugs for therapeutic purposes it is used for treatment:

Diseases of the muscle tissue
Burns of varying severity.
Increasing levels of corticosteroids

Side effects of Stanazolol

There are a number of side effects on the manifestation of which necessarily need to know the person who begins a course of this steroid. You can not call it very harmful and dangerous anabolic. However, if you apply Stanozolol is wrong, there is a risk of certain negative effects. Most side effects are directly related to the genetic characteristics of an athlete. Because some people are always easier to tolerate receiving steroids than other consumers of this product. It all depends on genetic predisposition and the individual characteristics of your body and this scheme works not only with stanazolol, but also with other drugs of similar profile. For you to be able to see with all the side effects possible while taking the drug, we divided them into several thematic groups.


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