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OLYMP Testosterone E 300mg/ml

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One of the most common steroid is the anabolic and androgenic effects from Pharmacom Labs. The active substance is testosterone enanthate. PharmaTest-E is very easy to use, because in contrast to propionate, the required number of injections is reduced several times. On average, the half-life of the active substance requires approximately one week (the validity period is 2-3 weeks). enanthate was the first ether, which has appeared on the market back in the early 50-ies of the last century.

Effects from taking Pharma Test-E Increase power performance. The pronounced increase in muscle mass. testosterone is often used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other "security forces". A large portion of this weight gain have on the water, and after completion of the course observed the phenomenon of recoil (however, it is possible to significantly reduce or eliminate altogether the intake of certain pharmacological agents). Troubleshoot problems with the ligaments and joints. Stimulation of regenerative processes. Increase overall body tone, motivation. Elimination of overtraining syndrome. Augmentation of oxygen capacity of blood. The increase in erythrocyte mass to transport to the muscles more oxygen. This allows the athlete to work longer in the aerobic mode. Swollen. How to take PharmaTest-E

a Solo course PharmaTest-E suggests a dose of 250-500 milligrams per week for two to two and a half months. Experienced athletes can increase the rate of more than recommended because the effect increases in proportion. The development of estrogenic side effects prevented the intake of proviron or aromatase inhibitors, since the second-third week of the course and ending the week after. In the case of large dosages of steroid, we recommend the use of gonadotropin. PCT is conducted primarily by blockers of cortisol. Enhance the effect of the rate of reception of sports nutrition and diet.

How to take PharmaTest-E 300 or 500 in conjunction with other anabolic steroids? If the aim of the course is drying and relief of the muscles, are used in combination with anavar and winstrol, if you want to increase the muscle volume and force are applied dbol, Nandrolone, and anapolon Trenbolone.

Side effects

Typical side effects from PharmaTest-E associated with the conversion into estrogen, and as a result edema, gynecomastia, fat deposits. To eliminate the negative impact in two ways: by taking anti-estrogens or aromatase inhibitors. The second way is more efficient because it allows to normalize suppressed testosterone production.


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