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OLYMP Testosterone P 100mg/ml

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Propionate – testosterone propionate in the form. The "fast" form of the ether. propionate is used by athletes interested in increasing strength and growth of quality muscle mass. testosterone propionate is used on both "drying" and "weight". Short period produces a high frequency injection. Advantage over other steroid esters is minimal fluid retention. When properly selected doses athletes succeed in completely eliminating the phenomenon of recoil.

Effects from taking The increase in muscle mass. Increase power performance. Stimulation of secretion of insulin growth factor. Increased motivation, improved mood. The increase libido. Burning fat cells. Protection of the cardiovascular system. Improving muscle definition and hardness to the muscles. How to take SP propionate

the Rate of SP Propionate is often combined with other drugs. But solo reception is quite common, especially among novice athletes. "Start" recommended minimum dosage of 50 milligrams. Once you get a feel for the reaction, you can increase the rate to the optimum. Effects of propionate are felt after the first injection, as the hormone very quickly enters the bloodstream. To eliminate the "side effects" are the aromatase inhibitors. PCT is most often done with tamoxifen. As for how to make SP Propionate in combination with other AAS, to increase the efficiency of skilled athletes added to the course trenbolone Acetate, Stanazolol, Masteron or primobolan (depending on goals).

Side effects

in men, the side effects when you use testosterone can manifest in the form of baldness on the head, increased growth of hair on the body and face, greasiness of skin, acne. Another side effects can manifest in the form of increased sexual excitement, frequent erections, increased libido, edema, hypercalcemia, nausea, and dizziness. As to side effects to treat the possible development of cholestatic jaundice, thrombophlebitis, increase in aminotransferases, pain at the injection site, redness and itching. Predisposed to gyno, you can take the course with testosterone propionate tamoximed and / or proviron. The propionate ester has a negative impact on the production of your testosterone and reduces it, and to avoid the decline of result in this regard is recommended, after the application of the course testosterone propionate, a course курсclomidа\tamoximed or toremifene.

in women, the side-effects can manifest as virilization: increased growth of hair on the body and face, coarsening of voice, slight swelling of the skin.

adolescents side effects when using testosterone may manifest as premature closure of the epiphyses of the bones and premature puberty with enlargement of the genital organs.


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