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PHARMABOL-100 -100mg/ml 10ml

Base price $20.19

Pharmabol from Pharmacom Labs injectable steroid, on the basis of the active substance dianabol. Anabolic effect - 200% of the testosterone, androgen - 50% of testosterone. Active ingredient – dianabol in sports community better known under the slang name of "Dianabol". Farmapol – unique in its kind drug, almost the only on the market an injectable form of dbol.

Effects from taking Pharmabol Quick increase in muscle mass. Due to the enhanced glycogenolysis and activation of protein synthesis inside the cell, steroid is very effective for the body structure. However, there is a quite tangible phenomenon rollback. Increase power performance. Reduction of body fat. dianabol stimulates the body to use fat cells as energy source, thus contributing to "drawing" muscles and providing the body with additional fuel. Strengthening bones and joints. Strengthening the appetite. How to take PharmaBol

Course PharmaBol not recommended for underage athletes (the main contra-indications, in addition to age are cardiovascular disease, prostate hypertrophy, liver disease, high blood pressure and so on). The recommended daily dosage Parabola is 50 to 100 mg injections are given every day or every other day.

How to take 100 PharmaBol beginners? In principle, the preparation is suitable as the first injectable steroid. With no experience of injections of AAS, it is not necessary to exceed a dosage of 40 milligrams. Course duration is from six weeks to two months. When tightening it in excess increases the risk of side effects. At high dosages, it will antiestrogens (e.g., Tamoxifen or clomid). Farmapol 100 often combined with steroids, stabilizing the androgen receptor (Nandrolone or oxandrolone).

Side effects

the Most pronounced negative impact of steroid on the body is gynecomastia, resulting from conversion of part "methandienone" estrogens, namely, methylestradiol. Side effects from PharmaBol can be removed by taking aromatase inhibitors. Also if you exceed the dosages and the duration of the course, the following are possible effects: testicular atrophy, hair loss, masculinization (in women), increased blood pressure and sexual activity, the development of atherosclerosis. Also "methandienone" tends to accumulate fluid in the body, which results in a "rollback phenomenon" after the course. In some cases, weight loss can reach half of the score.


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