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PHARMAHENN 50mg/ml 10 ml

Base price $98.61

GW1516 was opened not so long ago, but already managed to make a lot of noise. Pharmahenn 50 inject belongs to a class of gene doping, the essence of his work is the influence on the processes of energy production in the body. In simple words, the drug increases fat oxidation, and accelerates the speed of blood flow, which significantly affects the speed of delivery of lipids to the place of their cleavage. In addition, GW1516 has a direct effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Effects from taking The huge increase of muscle endurance. Accelerating the metabolism. A significant acceleration of the process of burning body fat due to more active use by the body fat as energy, and accelerate its delivery to the place of splitting. Normalization of blood pressure. How to take Pharmahenn Inject 50

Course Pharmahenn lasts as much as the average steroid course, that is 6-8 weeks. The most effective will be the drug in patients receiving Androgene Anabolic steroids.

Make Pharmahenn 50 inject in the dosage of 25-50 mg/day. Higher dosage leads to increased side effects and lack of amplification result. If you note severe muscle pain (relatively strong), which can be compared with the stiffness – reduce the dosage.


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