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PHARMAMIX 4 600mg/ml 10ml

Base price $70.43

PharmaMix 4 – mixture of two most popular drugs nandrolone and testosterone. In the composition of the mix used for the two esters each drug is short (phenylpropionate) and long (decanoate), which allows the drug will start to work with the first days of the course, because if a quick esters of the drugs was missing in a job they would only be turned on by the third week of the course. I must say that a ratio of 1:1 is not suitable for everyone, for some much more optimal ratio of 2:1 in favor of testosterone. PharmaMix-4 is ideal for travelers with nandrolone because of solo to apply it in any case impossible.

Effects from taking A significant increase in muscle mass and strength; Increase libido, provided normal levels of prolactin and estradiol; Aromatization to estradiol; The increased level of the hormone prolactin; Has a pronounced positive effect on the health of the joints and ligaments. How to take PharmaMix 4

Course PharmaMix-4 is best lasts about 8 weeks. The last injection must be made at least 2 weeks before the end of the course, so that immediately after it can be started post-cycle therapy with antiestrogens (clomiphene ONLY! IN ANY CASE, NOT Tamoxifen!).

since Nandrolone is a progestin, you should strictly control the level of prolactin on the course. 7 days after the start of the course pharmamix 4, pass the analysis to the concentration in the blood, if the level increased immediately start taking cabergoline (Torg. name. – "bergolak, Dostinex" buy in the pharmacy). A week to be tested again. Along with the level of prolactin should be tested and estradiol, in case of its increase above reference values, to start taking the aromatase inhibitor(anastrozole, Letrozole).

Side effects PharmaMIX 4, given that there are 4 different drug strong androgenic and anabolic actions are quite likely, especially at elevated doses, and unreasonably, long time course, this increased production of prolactin due to nandrolone, and testosterone effects which in turn is expressed in the appearance of gynecomastia, acne, edema, suppression of own testosterone, increased blood pressure, baldness. But, at reasonable dosages and use proviron, most of them can be avoided. Strictly required for post-cycle therapy with clomid or Nolvadex.


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