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PHARMAMIX 5 100mg/ml 10ml

Base price $31.29

PharmaMix-5 - a mix of suspensions of three drugs – testosterone, trenbolone and stanazolol. The half-life of suspension is about 3-5 hours, so the injection will have to do quite often (several times a day). However, it is also the most biological available form of drugs, that is, for example, 100 mg testosterone in the form of a suspension will give more than 100 mg of testosterone dissolved in etiolate.

Effects from taking 4Максимально quick gains in lean muscle without body fat accumulation and water; Accelerated utilization of body fat in the background diet with a calorie deficit; Increasing libido; A beneficial effect on the health of the joints and ligaments enhancing overall recovery between the loads; Aromatize; May increase prolactin (requires the control of its level). How to take PharmaMix 5

the optimal course PharmaMix 5 should last about 6-8 weeks. Drugs included in the work "to the fullest" instantly, so you need the process of muscle anabolism or catabolism of adipose tissue goes almost instantly.

Since the drugs are in the mix presented in the form of a suspension, make PharmaMix 5 should be several times a day. Ideally – 3. In the morning, afternoon and evening. So you will be able to achieve the most smooth of background concentration of substances in the blood. It is impossible to prevent hormonal "failures", so the more often the better. Daily dosage is 1-2 ml.

the Open Sans", arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 252); text-align: justify;"> course don't forget to monitor the level of prolactin and estradiol, so you can avoid the occurrence of side effects (decreased libido, breast growth, etc.)


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