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PHARMANAN-D-300 - 300mg/ml 10ml

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Description Brief description of the drug:

Activity : 14-16 days
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injection)
Dosage : Men 300-800 mg/week......Women 50-100 mg/week
Acne : Yes, in higher dosages or individual sensitivity
water retention : High, but lower than that of testosterone
High blood pressure : Depends on the dosage.
Hepatotoxicity : No
Aromatization : Low, converts to testosterone inactive

DHT conversion : No, converts to NOR-DHT with low activity
Suppression of HPTA function : Very high

Other : High anabolic/moderate androgenic activity,

Pharmanan D (300 and 600) from Pharmacom Labs -a steroid with moderate anabolic (150% of testosterone) and androgenic (30% of testosterone) effects. Active substance Farmanara – Nandrolone decanoate. Under certain conditions, the element can secretiruetsa the body (as a rule, prolonged heavy physical activity). However, natural concentrations of nandrolone small – a few nanograms per milliliter of urine.

Effects from taking Pharmanan-D The pronounced increase in muscle mass. Solo over the course of the drug in the right dosage, the athlete is able to increase to 10 pounds of muscle mass. Minimal recoil phenomenon: after discontinuation of the steroid weight athlete almost reduced. Elimination of pain in the joints, strengthening tendons and bones. Pharmanan-D (300, 600) stimulates the production of collagen and synovial fluid. Stamina increase. This effect is associated with stimulation of production of erythrocytes by the organism. Red blood cells transporterowych oxygen to the muscles. The athlete gets the opportunity to train without the "acidification" due to the increased amount of oxygen and more efficient consumption. Increase immune defense. Nandrolone is used in medicine for the treatment of patients with AIDS. How to take Pharmanan-D 300 (600)

Course Pharmanan-D (300, 600) lasts long enough – from two to two and a half months. Due to the fact that Nandrolone planted to ether with long lateral chain, its intake is gradual, injections are performed once a week. Optimal weekly dosage of steroid is between 400 to 600 mg of active ingredient (but of course, the calculation is performed individually, usually in the ratio of 4 milligrams of the drug per 1 kg of body weight). The standard course is long, and not worth it to delay is greater the result will be obtained from two courses of small duration and dosages, than one powerful.

How to take Pharmanan-D in combination with other steroids? The combination of nandrolone is a priority, because solo the course of the drug has numerous disadvantages in the form of suppression of hormone production, decrease libido, etc. Usually Fermanan D combine with testosterone. Also possible combination with stanazolol and dbol.

Side effects

the Negative effects nandrolone is connected first of all with the resulting enhanced production of prolactin and the suppression of secretion of gonadotropic hormones. Solo course of the drug in high doses may develop gynecomastia, increasing the amount of body fat, decrease production of its own testosterone. However, if you adhere to the recommendations side effects from Pharmanan-D from Pharmacom Labs not vstrechalsya.


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