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PHARMASTAN 50 - 50mg/ml 10ml

Base price $18.78
Description Brief description of the drug:
Activity : up to 48 hours
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injection)
Dosage : Men 50-100 mg/day
Acne : Rare
water retention : Rare
High blood pressure : Rarely
Hepatotoxicity : Yes, it is a 17-AA steroid
Aromatization : No, it is a derivative DHTDHT conversion : No
Suppression of HPTA function : Weak

Steroid with high anabolic (320% of testosterone) and low androgenic activity (30% of testosterone). The active ingredient PharmaStan 50 from Pharmacom Labs Stanazolol. The first drug, similar Formestane, was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962. Stanazolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Were used in medicine to treat anaemia, hereditary angioedema, and also for stimulating the body to produce red blood cells, strengthen bones, stimulate the sick and weakened animals. Initially the drug was used to increase the speed performance horses and later he entered the Arsenal of bodybuilding and other sports.

Effects from taking Pharmascan Strengthening the appetite. The increase of the prominence of the musculature. Stanazolol stimulates the burning of fat, thereby allowing you to obtain beautiful eye-catching muscle. Increase endurance and strength. Due to the fact that PharmaStan 50 increases the body's ability to produce red blood cells (erythrocytes) that carry to the muscles the oxygen in, increases anaerobic threshold of an athlete, he can longer bear the load without the "acidification". Increases strength: the muscles become firmer, faster nerve conduction. The decrease in the level of globulin that binds sex hormones. In other words, significantly increases the efficiency of the combination of stanazolol with other anabolic and androgenic steroids. It is possible to have antiprogestagennoe and antiestrogenic effects. How to take PharmaStan 50

a Solo course Pharmascan 50 it is recommended that athletes interested in increasing prorisovannost and vascularity of muscle and strength. With regard to recruitment of muscle mass, Stanazolol has virtually no effect on muscle hypertrophy. PharmaStan ideal for people with a moderate content of fat in the body and adequate weight. Daily dosage is up to 50 milligrams duration of the course – 5 to 8 weeks. Post-cycle therapy is performed 2-3 days after discontinuation of the drug. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to take sports nutrition for relief.

How to take PharmaStan 50 together with other steroids? In the combined course stanazolol, designed for a set of muscle mass typically include a strong androgen like dbol, anapolon or testosterone. Pharmascan serves as a stabilizer, reducing estrogenic effects of steroids on the body.

Side effects

Most common side effects from PharmaStan 50 – damage of ligaments and joint pain are eliminated with a "soundboard", and testosterone supplementation. Possible rise in blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and also some androgenic side effects (acne, hair loss, suppression of the production of its own testosterone). In General, the drug belongs to one of the safest AAS.


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