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PHARMATEST BASE 100 - 100mg/ml 10ml

Base price $15.65

Suspension testosterone, which is the basis Pharmatest from Pharmacom Labs – "dinosaur" in the world of anabolic and androgenic steroids. The drug was invented in 1930-ies. Suspension differs in that it does not include the aether, but because, in fact, it is the active ingredient in its pure form. So, 100 milligrams of the drug contains 100 milligrams of testosterone. The aqueous solution is valid almost instantly and excreted from the body during the day.

Effects from Pharmatest 100 The distinct anabolic effect. Welcome Pharmatest gives results the next day after injection. Due to the rapid period of action and half-life of the drug, it is believed that the maximum muscle growth in the field of direct injection. However, this theory is wrong, because when such effect in athletes would be observed local and/or asymmetric muscle hypertrophy, reminiscent of the use of synthol. Development of strength in a short time. The reduction of recovery periods. Increase aerobic endurance. Increasing libido and improving libido. Increasing the salience and rigidity of muscles. Fat burning effect.

PharmaTest P 100 is a water Suspension testosterone, on the pharmacological characteristics similar to propionate.

How to take 100 PharmaTest

Because the testosterone solution retains its activity for 2-3 days, injections are made every day. Course PharmaTest 100 is composed of a given individual characteristics, experience with anabolic and androgenic steroids, specific goals, contraindications and so on. The recommended daily dosage ranges from 50 to 100 milligrams. The course duration is approximately 4-5 weeks. Longer welcome Pharmatest 100 may cause significant suppression of the axis hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles, which in turn will lead to decreased production of testosterone by the body. With prolonged use it is recommended to connect Gonadotropin.

How to take 100 PharmaTest in conjunction with other drugs? A fairly common combination (in same syringe) Suspension is the testosterone with vitamin B12 (it helps to reduce the pain of injection), and other anabolic and androgenic steroids are fat-or water-based. To reduce the pain can be added to a solution of lidocaine or procaine. A popular combination is Suspension testosterone combined with nandrolone and equipoise: this course is designed to set muscle mass.

Side effects

All major positive and side effects from PharmaTest 100 due to pharmacokinetic feature of the drug quickly enter the blood stream. Testosterone Suspension has high androgenic activity, which can cause a number of adverse effects on the body: accumulation of fluid, gynecomastia acne. To prevent side effects is polycurve therapy, as well as from the first day of admission suspension testosterone include antiestrogens.


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