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PHARMATEST OIL BASE 100 - 100mg/ml 10ml

Base price $15.65
Description PHARMA TEST OIL BASE 100 to BUY: the EFFECTS of

If you decide to buy testosterone Suspension, remember that in the drug is not essential chain. This allows the steroid to quickly enter the job, but its activity is quite transient. In its effects on the athlete's body, this steroid is as close to propionate. Very often, Pro-builders, and they are the main consumers of the suspension of the male hormone, injected the drug twice a day.

Thanks to this anabolic we can significantly increase the physical parameters, weight gain, and to accelerate the recovery of the body. In addition, the muscles acquire a beautiful relief. Unfortunately, be painful, although not since the introduction of the aqueous slurry.

Like any AAS on the basis of testosterone the product of the company farmakom, labs prone to aromatization. Obviously, girls can not use it, so as not to cause virilization.


the Drug quickly starts to work and during the day is excreted from the body. It behooves athletes to do injections every day, or even twice a day. We have already noted the fact that the injections are quite painful and many builders to reduce pain use of nimesulide or its analogues. Daily dose of the steroid is equal to 50-100 milligrams.

Exceed we do not recommend, as the product is quite strongly inhibits the activity of the pituitary of the arc. Testosterone Suspension course is for a maximum of five weeks, due largely to the painful injections. At the same time, when more long-term use of steroid, you need to use Gonadotropin to support the work of the testicles. You can use testosterone Suspension in combination with any AAS.


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