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Stanazolol 50mg/ml 10 ml

Description Brief description of the drug: Price for: 1 vial Packing: 10 ml (vial) The concentration of the active substance: 50 mg/ml Active substance: Stanazolol (suspension) Manufacturer:, Oral Steroid, Which Country of origin: Moldova Box/manual: Yes Storage: dry and dark place (t° < 25 to 27°C)


Stanover is a powerful anabolic steroid developed on the basis of the active ingredient of Stanazolol. Considered one of the best means to prepare for competition among a wide range of athletes. The immediate effect of the drug begins a few hours after injection and is detectable in blood and then for 3 weeks.

How to take Stanover: the user and the combination

the Use of injections of AAS in the offseason and in preparation for the competition. Feature of the injectable stanazolol in that it is dissolved not in oil but in water. Therefore there is a need for more frequent injections. The minimum dosage of Stanover-for-athletes is 50 mg twice a week, but usually is 50 mg daily or every other day.

to achieve tangible results, a course of Stanover is carried out for 6-9 weeks. Of course, nutrition should be balanced and nutritious at the same time, and physical activity – regular.

the answer to the question how to chop Stanover and to whom, must be addressed by each athlete individually. This drug is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. For women the injections are usually not applied because of the risk of virilization. Maximum recommended use is 5 mg for athletes in the day.

instruction to Stanover (, oral steroid, which, Moldova) and recommendations for the compilation of courses is on our Forum frequented by experienced athletes. Preparedness to receive the drug will help to avoid such side effects as increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, these effects are easily removable with appropriate drugs. There may also be pain in the joints that is associated with the active removal of fluid from the body, and the joints become more susceptible to heavy loads.

the Combination of the drug with Anabala, turinabol, testosterone very popular and can achieve even greater effect. For beginners suitable course of treatment in conjunction with nandrolone or Primobolan, these drugs are relatively harmless and at the same time give good muscle gains.

the Injectable form of the drug does not have the hepatotoxicity and generally safer oral. Use Stanover is contraindicated for people with disorders of the endocrine system, cardiovascular, with malignant tumors or kidney failure. Medical use of the drug is indicated for patients with cachexia who have suffered thermal burns and trauma, and those suffering from anemia.


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