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STROMBAGED 50mg/ml 10ml

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Description The period until 11/2017 brief description of the drug: Activity : about 48 hours Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injection) Dosage : Men 50-100 mg/day
Acne : Rarely
water retention : Rare
High blood pressure : Rarely
Hepatotoxicity : Yes, it is a 17-AA steroid Aromatization : No, DHT is a derivative DHT conversion : No
Suppression of HPTA function : Weak Effects of taking Streambased Relief muscles. Stanazolol excellent pririsovat and distinguishes muscular fibres. Strombaged often used in bodybuilding in the final stages of preparation for the competition, as well as courses of drying. Stamina increase. This effect is due to stimulation of the formation of red blood cells. The more in the blood red blood cells, the greater the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles, and in turn they work in the aerobic mode, without the formation of lactate and acidification. Strengthening the appetite. Reduction of body fat. Welcome Strombaged encourages the use of body fat cells as an energy source. Excretion of liquid. Stanazolol has the ability to "dry" athlete, and is often combined with drugs that cause the accumulation of water. A twofold decrease SHBG globulin, linking sex hormones. It is possible to have antiprogestagennoe and antiestrogenic effects (not scientifically proven).

Active substance Strombaged – Stanazolol, is a methyl group 17-alpha, preventing its collapse when taken orally, however, makes toxic to the liver. Anabolic activity – 320% of the testosterone, androgen – 30%. Does not aromatize, the duration of action is 8 hours. It is worth noting that the oral form is not more toxic than the injectable. So Strombaged tab is not inferior, and in many respects surpasses analogues in terrestrial and aquatic fundamentals. Detection time for doping control for about a year, making it impossible to use Strombaged competing professional athletes.

How to take Strombaged

Course Solo course Strombaged gives the athlete a significant increase in strength, drawing the muscles and vascularity. The greatest efficiency Stanazolol shows in people with a moderate content of fat and an average weight. Stanazolol is very often used athletes as the only drug on the course.

Injections are made daily, the dosage does not exceed 50 milligrams. Recommended dosage tablets stanazolol is about 30 milligrams. Representatives of the sports-oriented endurance (boxers, wrestlers, athletes, skiers, etc.) can be limited to 10-20 milligrams per day.

course Duration ranges from 5 weeks to two months. PCT starts 2-3 days after discontinuation of the drug (clomid or nolvadex is carried out). The maximum effect from the admission of Streambased observed in athletes to support the course reception of sports nutrition, based on the terrain.

How to take Strombaged together with other steroids? The combined course is built depending on your health goals. For a set of muscle mass it is advisable to combine Streambed with a strong androgen drugs (for example, anapolon, testosterone or dbol). Stanazolol compensates estrogenic effects of steroids and making the course a balanced. If the goal is weight loss, Strombaged works well with trenbolone – not aromatizers androgen.

Side effects

Advantage Strombaged is the lack estrogenic effects. But if you exceed the dosage and duration of course, side effects from Strombaged may still occur. Most often it is ligament damage and joint pain (inexperienced athletes often "rush", pereuserdstvuyte in training), a rise in blood pressure, increase in bad cholesterol, androgenic effects (hair loss, suppression of the production of own testosterone, acne), cardiac hypertrophy, liver damage. All the adverse reactions can be prevented if the time to include the course on the PCT the appropriate preparations.


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