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ZPHC Stanazolol Suspension 50mg/ml

Description Stanozolol Suspension (zphc) 50mg - ml

Stanazolol Suspension from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical is a steroid anabolic action, ensuring the reduction of body fat and increase muscle relief. The drug is popular among athletes, as it helps to increase muscle mass and side effects minimaliseren. Buy Stanazolol Suspension you can on our website.

the effectiveness of the drug.

the effectiveness of the product lies in the following properties:
Increase quality muscles.
Improving prorisovannost and relief of the muscles.
Increasing endurance and strength.
Burning fat cells.
Not converted to estrogens.
reduces secretion of endogenous testosterone.

How to take Stanazolol.

This drug is intended to increase the prominence of muscles and their rendering, decrease body fat, and increase strength and endurance. The average dosage is 30-50 mg per day. If you are a beginner in the use of sports pharmacology, you should take the drug at the dosage of 10 mg per day. The course length is 30-40 days, 2-3 final weeks include after a course therapy. For best results it is recommended to follow a proper diet and training regime. More prolonged use of course is not desirable, because efficiency is not age, but the risk of side effects will increase. When the PCT is advised to take clomid.


in addition to the positive properties of the drug may occur, and side, but at the right dosage and following the recommendations to avoid them. You may experience high blood pressure, cholesterol. But the injectable form of the drug in comparison with by means of oral application has no toxicity, does not convert to estrogen which prevents gyno and have minimal progestogenic activity.


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