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BD Turanabol 100 tab/10 mg

Base price $21.76
Description Brief description of the drug: The concentration of the active substance: 10 mg
Active substance: turinabol (chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
Country of origin: Thailand Form release: Pills The concentration of the active substance: 10 mg The principle of action: Increase strength Principle of operation: weight Brand: British Dispensary The positive qualities and effects of BD turinabol

the fact that the active ingredient of BD turinabol is not affected by the process of aromatization, is both a plus and minus of this drug. Positive points here are the lack of high level of estrogens on the course, making the recovery of the body after it easier. In addition, the body does not stay fluid and minimal recoil. At the same time, the speed of weight below in comparison with dianabol. However, its high quality makes the many athletes of BD turinabol to buy. The side effects is extremely rare fact.

Methods of application and dosage of BD turinabol

Men to take turinabol should be in the amount of 20-100 milligrams. For beginners the maximum dosage is 40 milligrams. Can use this drug and girls, taking each day a maximum of 20 milligrams. Also, be aware that to maintain an even hormonal, the daily dose should be divided into 2 or 3 doses. The cycle duration is from one to two months.

turinabol side effects

liver Problems while using turinabol can be observed only when using huge dosages that no sane athlete will not use. Also if you already have problems with the performance of this body, to take turinabol, like other steroids, it is not necessary.

There is a small probability of gynecomastia, although the drug and not prone to aromatization. This side effect is practically not observed and it can be safely ignored. But the performance pituitary axis, the drug inhibits. To avoid problems related to low concentration of endogenous male hormone after the cycle is complete, you necessarily after a cycle of turinabol is necessary to conduct regression therapy.

Among other possible side effects of turinabol note acne, imbalance in cholesterol, hair loss, increase in blood pressure. We note again that all these effects are extremely rare and, when used properly, Preparata chance their symptoms are minimal.


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