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BP Citomed 50 mcg/tab

Base price $3.11
Description Brief description of the drug: Price for: 1 reel Packing: 20 tab (blister) The concentration of the active substance: 50 mcg Active substance: T3 (liothyronine) Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Country of origin: Moldova Box/manual: none in batches from the manufacturer Storage: dry and dark place (t° < 25 to 27°C)


Citomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a hormonal drug that has a wide sports use for weight loss and drying. Characterized by a powerful fat-burning effect, superior to even many of the sports fat burners. Also notable for a quick activity after application and a high degree of absorption: the effect is felt in the first days of use of pills/tablets and of course only progresses.

How to take cytomed

drug Use in sports purposes (weight loss on drying), usually carried out at a dose of 25 micrograms, but not more than 200-400 mg per day. The course is recommended to start with a minimal dose (half of one tablet), and then gradually increase the working dose to determine an individually effective.

the Course of taking Citomed duration can reach up to 6 whole weeks. Inflated the length of treatment is fraught with the development of immunity to the substance suppressing production of TSH and impaired thyroid function in General.

for therapeutic medicinal purposes dosage liothyronine (T3), which is from Balcan cytomed Pharma gets more moderate – in the framework of 5-100 mg per day for the same duration. Dose determined by the doctor depending on the purpose and condition of the patient. Indications to the drug application are: hypothyroidism (primary or secondary), cerebrohepatorenal disease with a hypothyroid condition, sporadic or endemic goiter, hypothyroid obesity, cretinism, myxedema, and even cancer (thyroid cancer).

Side effects of Citomed in the body

Given that this is a hormonal drug, you need to tell about possible side effects. They can occur, in most cases, in the wrong dosage.

an Overdose can disrupt thyroid activity, so you need to stick to the manufacturer's recommendations for receiving the drug.


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