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BP Danabol 100 tab/10 mg

Base price $13.30
Description Brief description of the drug: Activity : 6-8 hours
Classification : Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (oral)
Dosage : Men 15-50 mg/day......Women 5-10 mg/day Acne : Yes, especially at high dosages.
water retention : High
High blood pressure : Yes
Hepatotoxicity : High
Aromatization : Yes DHT conversion : No
Suppression of HPTA function : Yes, depends on dosage and cycle length Effects from taking danabol The rapid increase in muscle mass. The good old "methandienone" still remains the most popular drug for athletes who are interested in that in a short time (one solo of course) to dial up to 15% of body weight. The acceleration of the processes of protein synthesis. Pills of the steroid danabol stimulate the body to formulate protein that allows users to quickly restore damaged in the process of training the muscle fibers. Increased appetite. When taking Danabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals the athlete trains more intensively: therefore, it needs more nutrients to replenish the body. Strengthening the skeletal system, ligaments and joints. A significant increase in power performance. Anti-catabolic effect. dianabol does not allow the muscles to "sokilets", you recover faster in between exercises. How to take danabol

Course danabol is selected individually. Optimal dosage for men is 5 to 50 milligrams daily for 7-8 weeks. If this is the first course, it is advisable to start with minimal dosages and duration of intake. However, regardless of the daily dosage, it should be possible to "split". Make Danabol should be every 3-5 hours (this is the half-life) – this will allow you to maintain the hormonal balance at the same level throughout the day. dianabol is toxic to the liver, and the drug is best done after meals. To set of lean muscle mass (it is known that dianabol water retention in the body, "pouring" you), it is recommended to include in the course Stanazolol. Also very effective are a combination with nandrolone, sustanon or testosterone strong.

Side effects

Today there are a lot of defamatory information about taking dianabol. Many authors exaggerate its side effects, and anabolic effect on the contrary underestimated. In fact, when properly constructed course and the inclusion of additional drugs, the side effects of danabol are rare. The course is necessary to "dilute" any estrogens: for example, tamoxifen or clomid. Most of the side effects (high blood pressure, acne, hair loss, gynecomastia in men and masculinization in women, testicular atrophy) occur in athletes that greatly exceed the duration of the course and the dosage specified in the instructions.


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