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BP Exedrol 20 tab/25 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Base price $23.48

as an active ingredient EXEDROL from Balcan Pharma exemestane is used. Is an antiestrogen, which impact on the body is not inferior to anastrozole. It should be noted that the drug is able to deal not only with the effects of high flavor, but also their cause. The decreased concentration of female hormones when you use EXEDROL is irreversible. If you are looking for a powerful antiestrogen, we recommend Anastrozole buy.

Anastrozole to BUY: the EFFECTS of

Anastrozole is a powerful aromatase inhibitor which is used by builders on a strong course of steroids. Athletes often compare the drug with other popular antiestrogen tamoxifen. Of course, the effectiveness of suppressing the aromatase process Exedrol is much superior to Tamoxifen.

At the same time they are designed for different tasks. If Tamoxifen is more effective during rehabilitation therapy, hexadrol most often used directly on the course of AAS. Note that the molecular structure EXEDROL is similar to Androstenedione. At the same time, exedrol has almost no androgenic properties and estrogenic and progestogenic activity and at all deprived.


Exedrol course is to begin with using in an amount of from 12 to 25 milligrams every second or third day. This dosage is prophylactic and is used in cases when side effects appeared. If you notice signs of gyno, it must begin to take daily for 25 milligrams of the drug that corresponds to one tablet.

If you take the drug along with food or immediately after that, the rate of biological activity of estrogen will increase 45 percent. You must also alert athletes who have problems with the kidneys or liver that when the activity of the drug increases several times, although the recommended dose remains the same. Thus, you should be cautious about the use of Anastrozole.


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