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Dianoged 100 tab/10 mg

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Steroid production of the Chinese company, the main active ingredient of which is dbol. Dianoged from Golden Dragob is produced in oral (100 tab 10 mg), and injectable form (100mg 10ml). The first analogue Dianogedпоявился on the market back in the early 60-ies of the last century. The substance is anabolic dbol was invented by Dr. John Ziegler and manufactured by the company Ciba. Like all AAS, dianabol was originally used exclusively for medical purposes: to improve the overall tone, the treatment of burns, speeding recovery. After a while the steroid was banned by the FDA (control of power), but in spite of this, used to this day. In many countries its production and sale without prescription absolutely legal (Eastern Europe – Romania, Poland and Moldova, Mexico, some countries in Asia).

the Effect of taking Dianoged Intensive increase in muscle mass. A key action of the drug, causing his popularity. Most often used on Dianoged massonary courses. Weakly expressed in the reduction of body fat. Quite a controversial effect: use "methandienone" does not always help to lose weight. Strengthening joints and bones. Increase power performance. Improvement of appetite. The suppression of catabolic processes. How to take Dianoged

Course Dianoged not recommended to start in the presence of any contraindications (liver and heart disease, high blood pressure, prostate hypertrophy, etc.). The recommended daily dosage is 30 milligrams, the length of treatment is 6 weeks. The exact rules are calculated individually depending on the training goals and characteristics of the organism. Before starting the course it is best to consult with a sports doctor. Welcome Dianoged recommended to be partitioned into equal shares and time periods (ideally 3-4 times). Maintaining hormonal levels is one of the important ways of preventing side effects.

How to take Dianoged from Golden Dragon other steroids? In the preparation of the combined course, you should not give too much dbol "role" (max – 30 milligrams). The combination of two oral AAS also undesirable (increased load on the liver). It is necessary to choose drugs with pharmacodynamics, which could provide maximum efficiency and reduce the probability of negative reactions. To increase muscle mass Dianoged combined with sustanon, testosterone, Primobolan, trenbolone and nandrolone.

Side effects

Given the presence of the methyl group at the 17-alpha position, side effects from Dianoged often boil down to the liver. But the problem arises mostly to those who significantly exceed the bounding dose and delaying the course. The second "effects" is excessive accumulation of fluid and quite distinct phenomenon of recoil (loss of 10% to half of this weight gain) that prevents the intake of aromatase inhibitors.


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