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EPF ANAVARGED 50tab/10mg

Base price $20.19


anavarged EPF from the company quickly gained popularity among athletes. Now in the domestic market its products represents several companies from Moldova. All these products possess excellent quality and affordable price. oxandrolone from EPF deservedly can be attributed to this group. If you want to buy anavarged epf, to make it better for us, for the reasons below.

the Positive properties

the Drug is different from most steroids peak anabolic properties with minimal rate of androgenetic. This fact makes anavarged unique. Like other tablets steroids, oxandrolone has a large half-life. However, thanks to a convenient form of problems with its use arise. Now it should be noted the positive properties of the preparation:

- Dramatically improves the quality of the relief of the muscles.

- Improve body Constitution.

- does Not possess estrogenic activity.

- Is a potent fat burner.

- Increases the strength of an athlete.

- Safe for the athletes.

Methods of application and dosage

Solo the drug can be recommended only to women. However, novice athletes can undertake such a course for drying. For mass, such use of oxandrolone is feasible. Daily dosage Oksana is from 30 to 80 milligrams. The cycle duration should be limited to a maximum of ten weeks and the minimum duration is six.

Side effects

the High cost of the drug fully kompensiruet safety. Side effects from Anavarged occur very rarely, and usually are the result of blatant non-compliance regimens. The steroid has little effect on the production of own testosterone and practically does not cause changes in the level of liver enzymes. Possible side effects such as nausea, abdominal pain, rise in blood pressure.


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