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HALOTESTOS 10 mg/tab 20 tabs

Base price $23.32

Active substance Halotestos from Pharmacom Labs Fluoxymesterone. Halotestos is preformed steroid with powerful anabolic (1900% of testosterone) and androgenic (850% of testosterone) activity. Most often used by athletes to increase strength and aggression.

Effects from taking Halotestos 10 Development of strength and aggression. After taking the drug promptly increases motivation, an athlete is motivated to action, is suppressed fear. Excellent pre-contest remedy. The increase in hardness, density and vascularity of the muscles. Due to these properties Halotestos used in the courses of "drying" by bodybuilders. Stimulates production of erythropoietin and hemoglobin. Welcome Halotestos a positive effect on endurance athletes increases the number of red blood cells, which allows for more efficient transporting oxygen. Pronounced fat burning effect. Use fat cells for energy activities the body is one of the key functions Halotestos. How to take Halotestos

Course Halotestos not recommended to continue longer than 6 weeks. With a duration in excess of specified rules the risk of side effects increases significantly. If you haven't taken this drug, the optimal would be to use it only before competitions – to get aggression and increase power performance. Halotestos extremely popular in the martial arts. The main disadvantage of the drug is that it is caught by a doping control, and the acceptance of competing athletes is at your own risk.

Side effects

If you exceed the recommended dosages, most likely, you do not bypass side effects from Halotestos. In addition to suppress the production of own testosterone, you can change oily skin, acne, frequent erections, reduced ejaculate volume, anomalies of the prostate. The drug is really "difficult", very powerful, and does not tolerate neglect.


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