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Levitra 20mg/tab

Base price $15.50

the Drug Levitra (or in other words Vardenafil) is actively used for the rapid elimination of problems associated with maintaining an erection on the needed level.

At the moment the production of drugs does Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and sales in all countries of their trading partners, GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-plough.

"Levitra" is indicated for diagnosis of sexual impotence, in particular, the most frequent cases of application for known drugs is a lack of the patient an erection or unstable symptoms, when it is impossible to commit a sexual act.

more than one year in a row Levitra is the official international license for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in all its forms and regardless of the age of the patient (as this medication designed mainly for men).

In case of temporary inability to achieve erection, maintain it and preserve in a certain period to conduct a sexual act, such a decision becomes the most optimal and reliable option.

Once in the body, the drug quickly enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, which explains the very quick response after ingestion. The first signs of activity can be seen almost 25 minutes (depending on the individual characteristics of each person, the period may be delayed for 5-15 minutes, or, conversely, to manifest much earlier). The final effect of one dose is approximately 4 to 5 hours. As noted by the physicians experienced the highest level of functioning of the drug in the blood an hour after eating — this segment accounts for the peak effect, then it only continues to be supported on a bracket intended and for the finale gradually to subside.


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