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METHAGEN 10 100tab/10mg

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Methagen is probably the most popular tool among the athletes, regardless of their experience. It found widespread use among professionals and beginners. It has a high anabolic activity (200% of of natural testosterone), and its androgenic indexing is 50% lower than that of the male hormone.

the Original prototype of the steroid was developed in the laboratories of the American manufacturer pharmacology Ciba. For a basis was taken the substance dbol. At the time the drug was used strictly in the medical field to treat burns, improve the tone of the women, assisted in the recovery process of the body.

Much later appeared in the sport and, thanks to its properties, began to enjoy great success in different types of power sports (bodybuilding, power extreme, weightlifting). Today it is actively used in this sphere.

His production deals with many pharmaceutical companies, the only difference in the names. One of them is a domestic manufacturer of Genetic Labs, representing the Methagen drug in tablet form (100 tablets 1 mg). Its active substance acts as dianabol.

the PROPERTIES AND EFFECTS Due to the activation of protein synthesis, significantly increases quality a lot of muscle fibers in combination with testosterone propionate. Assumes the possible increase of the order of 10 kilograms (some of it will be reset due to rollback); Promotes body fat reduction; Strengthens the skeletal system and the immune system; In the recruitment process of the muscles increases strength; Increases the demand for food. HOW to TAKE

the duration of the course varies from 5 to 8 weeks. His daily dose should not exceed 30 mg in order to avoid a hormonal difference, better to split into several times. Upon completion of the course is mandatory to conduct a post-cycle therapy, including Tamoxifen.

the Combination of

For combined receptions are ideal in the dosage of sustanon 250mg/week, or primobolan at 100mg 3 times a week. This combination synergistically sproviery effect that enhances the effect methandienoneгена.

Side effects

picked the Wrong course or overdose can lead to the following negative forms:

Hypertension. Fluid retention in the tissues. Gynecomastia. High or low libido. Masculinization In females.


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