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Methyldrene original ECA 25 - 100 caps

Base price $40.54

Methyldrene 25 is one of the most popular fat burners on the market. The manufacturer of this Supplement is Cloma Pharma that also known fat burners such as Black Spider 25, 25 Asia Black, China White 25. The main active components of this Supplement are Ephedra extract, caffeine anhydrous and aspirin (this combination is often referred to as ECA). Methyldrene 25 is very popular not only among bodybuilders, but also among athletes of other specializations. This drug allows you to quickly achieve increase muscle definition and decrease subcutaneous fat.

the drug is

in Addition to the ECA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) Methyldrene 25 contains many other effective ingredients like yohimbe extract and ginseng, green tea, ginger root, vitamins of group B. These substances are CNS stimulants and antioxidants, they help to relieve fatigue, provide motivation, a sense of tone.

One capsule of fat burner contains:

250mg of caffeine; 25mg of ephedra; 100mg of aspirin; 100mg of ginseng; 100mg ginger root. How to take Methyldrene 25

the Manufacturer recommends to take Methyldrene 25 1-3 capsules per day. Start with 1 capsule to test the reaction of the organism to the drug. In a few days you can go to 2-3 capsules per day. It is strongly recommended not to consume more than 3 capsules per day or per meal. To take Methyldrene 25 needed 40 minutes before start of the training.

Welcome Methyldrene 25 cannot be combined with other potent fat burners, and products containing caffeine and other stimulants. If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, before you start taking a fat burner, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. To enhance the fat burning effect Methyldrene 25 from Cloma Pharma can be taken together with L-carnitine. To preserve muscle while taking fat burners, it is recommended to take whey protein complexes.


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