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SP STANAZOLOL 100tab/10mg

Base price $12.51

Is an anabolic steroid drug, a derivative of dehydrotestosterone . Exists in several forms – tablets and solution for injection. This drug is strictly prohibited for use during all sports, is a doping agent. Despite the bans, commonly used in bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics, as well as, fights with no rules.
Stanazolol has several trade names , which are more widely known to the public– winstrol, Stromba, Stanabol and Strombafort.

the EFFECTS of stanazolol Significantly affect the portrayal of the terrain. Enhances fat burning and essentially highlights of Vienna. The drying efficiency of the body while taking winstrol is increased significantly. Significantly increases the appetite. Removes excess fluid from the body. Note the increased efficacy of the steroids in conjunction with stanazolol, due to the fact that this substance lowers the level of globulin more than 45%. Antiprogestogen and possesses anti-estrogen activity. In the course of winstrol the athlete of strength and endurance.


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