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TIROS 50 (Т3)

Base price $15.50
Description Brief description of the drug: Price for: 1 reel Packing: 50 tab (blister) The concentration of the active substance: 50 mcg Active substance: T3 (liothyronine) Manufacturer: PharmaCom Labs Country of manufacturer: China Box/instruction box when ordering, from 2 blisters, instruction not provided Storage: dry and dark place (t° < 25 to 27°C) Description:

Tiros 50 is a thyroid drug from PharmaCom Labs, the most efficient, so actively used in course of drying. Used for easy weight loss or strong weight loss athletes of various levels of experience with sports pharmacology, and physical training.

Tiros 50: property

Tayros is a preparation of thyroid hormone. It has active substance triiodothyronine (liothyronine presumably, is identical in biological action of the levo isomer of triiodothyronine). It is thyroid and not a steroid product, which most typical anabolic and androgenic steroids side effects bypasses it by: as androgenic (acne acne to baldness of the head), estrogen (from fluid retention to estrogenovmi gynecomastia) or progestogenic (from potency to suppress progestin-only gynecomastia). Triiodothyronine do not have a specific impact on the floor, therefore it medications are considered relatively harmless for both men and women.

Tiros Effects: restores the balance of thyroid hormone; stimulates growth and differentiation of tissues, increasing their need for oxygen; suppresses appetite; increases body temperature and basal metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates; promotes erythropoiesis in the bone marrow; increases energy processes, increasing mental activity and quickening the current of thought associations, increasing physical activity and prolonging wakefulness; improves the function of cardiovascular and Central nervous systems, liver and kidneys.

Tayros (Tiros) is among the strongest of thyroid drugs. The fact that the thyroid gland produces human 2 key hormone, characterized by the presence or absence of the additional atom of iodine per molecule: 1st – thyroxine (its pharmacological analog – levothyroxine), 2-Oh – triiodothyronine (its pharmacological analogue – liothyronine). Thyroxine (known as T4) is the inactive form produced by the thyroid gland in the greatest numbers (up to 60-80% of the total weight), and then converted to triiodothyronine (known as T3) that have a major biological effect. So the products triiodothyronine/liothyronine/T3 de facto considered to be the strongest one in the selling of the thyroid.

But where there is a powerful effect, there maybe a pronounced side effect. Failure to comply with the recommendations/disposition of the body Tayros (triiodothyronine) can cause complications regarding the endocrine, Central nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and other systems of the body: increased blood pressure, palpitations, headache, increased sweating, sleep disturbance, hot flashes, nausea, anxiety, tremor, and others.

it is Important to understand that the action of thyroid hormones on protein metabolism depends on their concentration: at low doses they exhibit anabolic effects, enhancing the synthesis and inhibiting protein breakdown causes positive nitrogen balance; in large doses, on the contrary, exhibit a catabolic effect, enhancing the breakdown and inhibiting the synthesis of proteins, – provoke a negative nitrogen balance.


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